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We have just seen another wonderful Olympics, Rio 2016 .

We saw sportsmen and women achieving amazing results. Their dedication and team work has been  successful. We have seen pain, tears, laughter and uniting together in the name of sport.

The Olympics is very similar to KAS and the dedication within our own wonderful organisation.


Ronda is the President of our KAS 'lympics.

Event Organisers.

The South African team. Wandi, Lindi, Joel, Mabel, Estelle, Molly and all the volunteers. Without them the game could not go on. 

Referees, adjudicators and games makers - The Mods, working behind the scenes to promote our Olympic events and the stadium ( our forum ).

Our own sportswomen and men.

The forum members. You each deserve a gold medal for your dedication which results in the marvellous  creations that you send to South Africa.

Most importantly we have our spectators  - The children.

Whose smiles and eyes show their appreciation every time another distribution is made and we wrap them in our love.

Every sports person will tell you that their results started at grass roots and they practised and practised to achieve the goals. Let us, KASERs, really get into training and keep practising with the creation of squares, toys, hand warmers and hats.

The photo album can be found here :

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  • Thank YOU Sharon!!  A winner !!2965363482?profile=original

  • 2886792560?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024The top 3 are the last ones for the September theme and the bottom one is the 1st for the October theme :)

    • A great set, Joan.....and as I love to try and pick a fave (or two) I think they would be the top right and the bottom one.  :))

  • Sharon, thank you for stepping in to host the KAS'lympic certainly deserve this gold medal.....thanks to everone for all the wonderful items that have been created this month, especially all the wonderful cuddlebugs.  


    • Thank you ladies for your kind words.A BIG thank you to all of Team KAS for your wonderful creations and support, We are all winners, but most importantly the children are xxx
  • You have done a great job hosting this month's theme Sharon! You have enabled members from around the world to participate in the KAS'lympics making winning, warm items for the children, Thank You.


  • Sharon, you do, indeed, deserve a gold medal for all of your hard work this month. Thank you for hosting the theme!

    Image result for rio gold medal

    I have not managed to finish my race yet but am determined to keep going until I reach the line! My blanket consists of a central 24 squares with a 10cm knitted border to bring it up to size. So far I have finished the central 24 squares and 1 corner. I will try to post a picture when it is finished. Thank you for inspiring me to design my first full blanket.

    • Keep going Helen, we will happily wait to see the finished result :))
  • Sharon, thank you for stepping in and hosting this theme.  It has been fun with lots of wonderful items to give the children warmth and comfort.  Now if we could get all the Cuddlebugs ready for the 100 cm dash :-)

    Medals for everyone !


  • Sharon, thanks so much for hosting this month's theme. You deserve a gold, silver and bronze medal for all you efforts. So many fabulous and imaginative contributions.  Ladies and Gentlemen of KAS you are amazing.

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