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Hearts for February challenge

Square hearts by Grace Weir

Glenrose Friends adopted KAS as their charity for 2015 and they are a fine example of the special way that KAS touches people across generations. Glenrose friends, from Wales, only became part of us in January 2015 but what an inspiring group they are.

Joyce and Jayne are sisters and they are friends with Christine Chiplen since teenage years. Joyce and Jayne are piano and violin teachers to children and young people.

The first helpful suggestion came from their mother Joyce Senior, who, after hearing about KAS, suggested that they used their cutting dies from their craft group for making shapes to decorate squares. Joyce Jr set to and produced animals, trees, flowers, butterflies and other shapes for squares. She continues to knit and crochet for KAS along with her sister Sandra. Jayne takes a display board about KAS to every Church where she preaches.Joyce and Jayne decided to put up a KAS display in their studio for parents of  the children having lessons to be inspired, and this is what happened:

The children were keen to knit and crochet. A parent Quing Ying Lau, learned crochet and encouraged other Chinese parents to join her. Lewis Lee's great grandmother aged 97 crocheted squares, and his aunt knitted hats.

Rebecca, another waiting parent helped by butterflying the ends, ready for packaging. Jayne also helped with  this as Joyce is the one who likes to make things.

Cara, a pupil, designed and made toys.

A friend who wishes to remain anonymous, heard of Ronda's plight, and the need for rent, and donated 1000 pounds to the rent appeal ! Thank you so much !!

In loving memory:

Special mention of Joyce senior who passed away in December 2015. She inspired all of us. Although Joyce senior was blind, she was keen to crochet for KAS and this is a lovely photo of her with a blanket she made. I am sure all of us were in awe of her ability to make something so beautiful in spite of losing her sight.

Glenrose friends, you are true friends of KAS and we appreciate all you do.

Thank You !

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  • Congratulations Glenrose Friends! Thank you for all  you have done for children in SA. I was very touched by the photo of late Joyce senior, who was able to make such beautiful blankets.

  • What an honorable and loving group of friends and relatives!  So happy you were chosen for the Square Heart Award this month!  Such beautiful and clever contributions have come from all of you to brighten children's smiles and keep them warmer.  Thank you for all you do!

  • Congratulations Glenrose Friends on this well deserved award. You do such a great job of making items and supporting others to get involved and make beautiful things. Your mum was an inspiration and now has a lasting legacy. Well done!
  • Congratulations, Glenrose Friends. Your ever-expanding circle is so inspiring.

    Thank you, Joyce Sr, for all your efforts despite being blind. You are missed by many, I'm sure.

  • Jayne and Joyce and Glenrose Friends, I congratulate you, a well deserved award. Many thanks to you all for the love and generosity shown to  "our" kids.

    I was moved to see your mum's blanket already in SA by now. Many blessings !! /diana

  • Jayne and I are delighted that we have been chosen for the square heart reward this month. We have already been spreading the word of thanks to everyone who has contributed. By continuing to contribute it is a lovely memory on behalf of our mother who had great pleasure in doing what she could for Kas. We would like to thank everyone for nominating us for this. Many thanks Joyce x
  • Jayne and Joyce, I am delighted that you and Glenrose Friends have been given this award! You each have different skills which has enabled Glenrose Friends to help 'our children' in SA, I know your mother would be so pleased that Glenrose Friends has been recognised in this way. Your mother was a courageous, inspirational woman who has clearly touched the hearts of her KAS sisters across the world.

    Thank you Jayne, Joyce and all Glenrose Friends who have contributed in any way; so many vulnerable children in SA will be warmer in winter and know that someone cares, thanks to your love, care and wonderful team work.

    • Well done GLENROSE FRIENDS. We get some beautiful work from you.
  • Congratulation Glenrose Friends, very well deserved. Thinking of Joyce Senior, such an inspiriational lady.
  • Congratulations Glenrose Friends!  So delightful to read how the circles kept getting larger and involved more and more people. 

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