Good day!

I'm hoping you can help me.  I have a high school knitting club that has been knitting squares for a couple of years.  Due to the pandemic we were remote and hybrid for the last 18 months.  I have quite a few squares to donate but when we finally met "in-person" I noticed that so many of them did not leave the 20" tail for sewing.  
Is there some way that we can get around this?  They have worked so hard on this project.  Many of them even enlisted parents and friends to help.
Looking forward to your help!
Happy Knitting!

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  • Could somebody sew a tail to one corner of each square?

    • I was wondering that ... also wondering if I could just attach a tail by looping through a stitch at the corner?

      • Anything would be helpful but I think it would be more helpful if the tail was actually attached! Maybe someone from South Africa could answer this to confirm. Estelle?

        • Yes ... I would loop it through but perhaps I'd have to make a small knot to affix it to the square.  Oh ... I would hate to not be able to send these!

          • Most definitely we would love you to send them, Nancy. However, we would really love it if you securely attached a tail to the finished corner of the squares, pretty please.

            Unfortunately, due to covid restrictions and its many flow on affects, the 'sewing together of blankets' team has been somewhat diminished in South Africa, because they have not been able to seek assistance from many of the Gogo (grandmother) groups that they have in past years, so they are REALLY under the pump to get blankets completed for the children.

            Thank you so much, to you, your knitting club and the many caring contributors. What a great initiative to get young people involved in humanitarian projects and I'm sure it was a positive contributor to their mental health in these challenging times of restrictions and isolations.

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