• Grandma helped with threading the machine and joining the colours and stitching the arms and legs

    • What a brilliant effort Sebastian I love the colour you have chosen remember purple is Louise's favourite colour and Glo's favourite colour is blue so you can ask Grandma to find you some more wool! 

  • What a clever little chap to produce such a lovely doll.  I do hope he was very pleased with himself, I certainly think he needs a pat on the back.  There's going to be a very happy child in South Africa soon.

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    Wow! This looks like a lot of fun, Sue. Well done, Sebastian, you're doing a great job!!

    • 2965475714?profile=original gluing the eyes on.


      2886810577?profile=original  Great job, Sebastian..... and thank you. One lucky little child is going to love this little guy....he will be smothered in cuddles.  :))

      • Oh that is a gorgeous doll!  Well done, young man!!!

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