Dear Kas Family,
While South Africa is not receiving post, on behalf of KAS SA and CreateCare Global, I have been doing some research as to how to help the flood of Ukrainian refugee children in Poland.
The excerpt from an article below about their situation is too tragic. I imagine a child left in these circumstances might find comfort in a knitted blanket, toy, hat, beanie, postcard, even a message of love.
'we urgently need funding for, such as medical supplies and protective clothing, as well as essentials for children and babies who have been left in care in Poland while their parents return to defend their country.'
For any UK crafters, I have listed the drop off points where you can drop off YOUR READY MADE BLANKETS or other items. Many of them list times for drop off.
If you do deliver, please send photos and lists so KAS SA can add it to their records.
Many thanks on behalf of us not close enough to deliver.
If any of you in Canada, USA, or other countries know of similar depots for crafted items, please post here.
South East
Polish White Eagle Club, Balham
Accepting: clothing, bedding and other items
Bury Polish Social Club, Bury, Manchester
Accepting: clothing and shoes, toiletries, blankets, sleeping bags, bandages, nappies and baby wipes, sanitary products, crayons and colouring books, as well as volunteers who can package items.
Status check:
South East
Polish White Eagle Club, Balham
Accepting: clothing, bedding and other items
Agie and Katie restaurant, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent
Accepting: medical supplies, baby items, sleeping bags and more items.
Status check:
Malvern Bakehouse in Malvern, Worcestershire
Accepting: first-aid items, blankets, sleeping bags and more items.
Status check:
Polish Club, Southampton
Accepting: food, warm clothes, bedding and sleeping bags, sanitary and medical supplies
Status check:
Sandy McDonald

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  • Thank you Sandy, Anneke and Chris.

    I agree that a donation of funds is the best way to support both those who need aid, and those distributing that aid.  Like Sandy, my initial thought was blankets.  After all, that's what we do best.  However, after careful research I discovered that it was not a very practical way to donate.  Financial donations are the best and fastest way to help.

    Another organization I was directed to is World Central Kitchen.  It appears there are quite a few agencies that will channel our donations to where they are needed most..

  • Thank you Sandy.

    In Wales, like the rest of the UK, we have had lists of what items are needed for the refugees. Towns and villages have had collection points for our donations and they were overwhelmed with the generosity of the public who wanted to help. Then the message changed, that  financial donations were preferred and were most needed, rather than donating goods.

    The safe ways to donate are:

    UNICEF Emergency Ukraine appeal, Ukraine Crisis Appeal, The Red Cross and Save the Children. All of these are actively supporting the refugees on the ground.

    We have had this message from our government:

    Donating essential supplies

    One of the best ways to help is by donating cash through trusted charities and aid organisations, rather than donating goods. Cash can be transferred quickly to areas where it is needed and individuals and aid organisations can use it to buy what is most needed. Unsolicited donations of goods, although well-meant, can obstruct supply chains and delay more urgent life-saving assistance from getting through.

    Organisations across the UK are gathering essential supplies, such as clothes, first aid and sanitary products. Many charities and community groups will have lists of items they need.

    Charities with experience of responding to disasters are best placed to reach victims on the ground.

    • Thank you for adding this Chris. I know that collected items in the UK will help arriving refugees in the UK and other close by countries but knowing that cash can help, even the smallest amounts, is a relief too.  There are indeed many worthy charities working "on the ground" in Ukraine and surrounding countries and I'm relieved I can help in this way. 

  • So very kind of you Sandy. From here we have made a financial donation to all in need, we have a special bank number in the Netherlands for this tragedy.

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