101 (or more) uses for Knit-a-Square DONATION CARDS



We have an awesome little item in the KAS shop that often is overlooked - DONATION CARDS.  This set of 4 cards has just been updated and is better than ever.  You can find them here



For only $4.95 USD, you can download the pdf., and get the cards printed at your local shop for about 50 cents each, or print them yourself. You only need to purchase the pdf. once and you can use it over and over.


 We all have people in our lives who are ‘hard to buy for’ when a gift is required...... or sometimes we just want to say a little “Thank you”.


These cards tell the recipients that you are purchasing an item (or more) from the KasShop, or making a cash donation, in their name, to improve the lives of our children in South Africa. 


You get to choose the amount you want to spend in the Shop or donate – a large amount or as small as $5.


They are simple, plain cards that have ample room for any message you wish to send. They also come with a separate insert that can be used.


The insert has a brief description of what KAS is about and then goes on to say

My gift to you

( ) Today, I have made a purchase from the KasShop in your name and will be sending the following items ________________________________________ to our children in South Africa from you.

( ) Today, I have made a cash donation to Knit-a-Square in your name. These funds will be used to support our work with the children in South Africa.


So - join in the contest, join in the fun, and add your ideas for how you could use these cards to the discussion below.

 I will transfer your ideas to a list here in the introduction - it can be a specific person (Aunt Betty) or an idea in general (the postman) – list as many ideas as you want.

 This contest will only be open until October 31/14, so enter your ideas ASAP.

THE PRIZE - we will do a random draw and the winner will receive a free download of the pdf. for the cards


Actually, we’ll ALL be winners....... the ideas posted might solve some of our gift-giving problems and KAS will be the BIG winner by receiving much needed donations, large or small.


I’ll start the list - please jump in so we can add to it – and please check back now and then to see new ideas posted.


 101 (or more) uses for Knit-a-Square  DONATION CARDS


1. Anne P. – for my grandson’s teacher – 3 Reams of Paper from the Shop

2. Andrea Palmatier - Christmas "philanthropy" gifts

3. Valerie Z. - for the ladies who donate yarn for the Gogos

4. Susan Haines - for the girls at work

5. Debbie Postmontier - snacks for a creche - birthday gift for her 96 year old aunt

6. Sue Gillman - KAS OPS Communication for her cat Sparky who prefers wrapping   paper anyway

7. Erica Smith - Christmans gift for herself when someone asks (she's hard to buy for)

8. Christine Chiplen - several Gogo Supports for sister and brother-in-law

9. Anne P. - fundraiser - sell cards individually so people can use them for "gifting"

10.  Maria -insert card in my childrens' Christmas sock to let them know Santa has sent a gift from them to kids in S. Africa

11. Anne P. Cash donation in my pastor's name instead of my usual tin of Christmas cookies.

12. Sue Gillman - Petrol for the van for her sister-in-law and brother

13. Anne P. - Cash donation on behalf of my very patient Postmaster

14. Debbie Postmontier - for the 8 days of Chanukah - one ream of paper per day for her family

15. Wendy Lewis - cash donation for neighbour Betty - age 82 - loves children

16. Wendy Lewis - Ream of Paper for her friend Ann G. who is a children's author

17. Gloria - cash donation for the librarian who makes space available for the River John Square Knitters to meet.

18. Anne P. - Ream of Paper for Udelle, who brings a cuddly toy for our  KAS kids to church every Sunday

19. Maddie Murray - cash donation for her friend Nicola of the Uxbridge Cat Rescue

20. Christine Chiplen - Birthday cards, Christmas cards

21. Mary Anne Fellows - thank you gift for her Pastor at Christmas

22. Gloria Grandy - Christmas gift for her mother-in-law, a senior who used to knit for charity

23. Christine Chiplen - thank you for the gentleman who maintains her elderly clock

24. Sue Gillman - Fuel for the van to thank a friend for a random act of kindness

25. Pam Antink - cards for a set of Learning Posters for Sue and Abdul wo cheerfully weigh my parcels at the PO and are never grumpy

26. Chris Chiplen  - 50th birthday present for friend who lives in Germany - cash donation




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  • The Kontest ended today after many wonderful suggestions for using these cards.


    They are a terrific way to give a gift in someone's name by making a cash donation to KAS or choosing an item from the KAS shop to be sent in their name.


    We are really hoping that many of our members will make use of these cards as we enter the gift-giving season.


    Just think about the possibilities - the postmaster who patiently deals with our parcels, your pastor, the ladies who knit and donate squares to you, Aunt Murgatroyd, who dosn't need another bottle of hand lotion but has a soft spot in her heart for vulnerable children,,,, the list goes on


    All eligible suggestions were put in a jar and we had a random draw.


    THE WINNER    is   Maria Ryder #10  who came up with this marvelous idea


    "Insert a card in my childrens' Christmas sock to let them know Santa has sent a gift from them to kids in S. Africa"


    Congratulations, Maria! You will be receiving a pdf. for the cards by email.

    • Thank you so much. :)  

      • Congratulations Maria.  great idea.

    • Congratulations, Maria!!  An absolutely perfect choice and a fabulous idea! xo

    • Well done Maria - I agree with the choice totally!

  • A friend who lives in Germany will be celebrating his 50th Birthday in November, he will be receiving a lovely KAS card, with the information about KAS and a cash donation given in his name.
  • My cards will be for a set of Learning Posters for Sue and Abdul, who cheerfully weigh the parcels at Jersey Farm Sub-Post Office. They are never grumpy!

  • Oh, oh - I think this Kontest has fallen asleep!

    So far we have only had 22 ideas posted.

    Since I and my family members are not eligible for the random draw for the prize - A FREE SET OF DONATION CARDS, that means the people who have now entered have a 1 in 14 chance of being the winner!

    Remember - by posting your ideas on how you could use these cards, you are not committing to actually doing it, but your suggestion might inspire other Kasfolk to use these cards.

    We all have people in our lives who are hard to buy for or people we want to give a low cost "token gift" to.

    You can't buy much for $5 these days, but a $5 item from the Shop or a $5 cash donation in someone's name can make such a difference in the children's lives.

    The great thing is that the recipient of the card won't ever know how much you spent!

    There's still time to enter the contest, so please jump in and share your ideas

    Add your ideas one at a time so that you increase your chances of winning!

    • I have a very elderly friend who keeps my very elderly clock ticking and pendulum swinging! He never wants payment, but a lovely KAScard with a donation in his name, helping to fund a distribution (fuel/ phone etc), would I think be greatly appreciated.
      • Thanks Christine - you've just kept this discussion ticking as well.

        Good luck in the draw.  I will have a neighbour do the random "pick" on October 31.

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