• Thank you Amy for this wonderful and comprehensive report about the history of special! It brings back fond memories from when I became a member up till today :)

    I feel proud and priviliged to be part of KAS!

  • This is so interesting. Alll kinds of little details add to the history of KAS, making it 3 dimensional and rich with history shared by people all over the world and of all ages. Thank you, Amy, for all your hard work in bringing us all this information. I'm printing out he different chapters and putting them into a special binder. That wy, I have all the info I need readily available.

  • Amy, thank you for all the work you have put in to enable us to enjoy the interesting trip down KAS memory lane each month, it is always a joy to read!

  • Amy, what a wonderful read this is!  Thank you for all the research and organizing you have done to bring us this and every chapter of the KAS Story.  It's great to go back and revisit the beginnings and watch KAS gather momentum and support from every corner of the world! xo

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