•  Amy, this sad chapter helps me (and I am sure others too) gain a clearer perspective of the reality of living in SA for 'our children'. We can't change the system in SA that allows this level of poverty to continue; but I am reminded that the little we can offer the children, provides them not only a little warmth but the knowledge that someone cares and they are not forgotten.

  • Thank you Amy for reminding us of the true reality that so many children experience. We mostly seen them at the creche's in a place of safety surrounded by caring adults, however, it is not always the case............then or now.

  • Thank you Amy for this chapter. It must have been as heartbreaking to write as it was for me to read.

    I remember the original reports and it is so sad that things have not improved in S.A.

    While most of North America, the UK and Europe are suffering with sweltering temperatures, winter has arrived in Johannesburg: High Temperatures for the next few weeks are between 12C and 20C [54F and 60F]; with Lows between -2C and +9C [28F and 48F]

    So glad KAS is there to provide warmth and comfort on these cold days.

  • Welcome to the next chapter in the KAS Story.  Hope you enjoy reading about the Day In The Life of a KAS package.

    • Thank you for another chapter Amy. It's hard to know what to say about the dreadful conditions that still exist in SA and the fact that nothing has changed or improved. At least these children know that they are thought of through the work that Kas does. We can only continue to knit, crochet and sew and support Kas financially in the meantime in the hope that one day things will be better for them.

      • I agree Marion.  KAS needs our financial support as well as our squares.  There are expenses involved with distributions and the ongoing need to pay the rent and fuel the KASvan.

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