Welcome Everyone to our discussion on Themes for 2021.

Please be encouraged to participate in the suggestion of themes for next year. The more the merrier.

It maybe an old favourite you'd like to revisit...or something we've never done before. All suggestions gratefully received.

If you should like to host a theme...that would be wonderful...and if you've never hosted before, we are here to help and support.

September ABC. 123.  Plain Janes  FUDGE Handwarmers - Sweet for My Sweet Aug 2020 Theme

Training for Gold  July. Go for the Gold.  JULY - Go for the Gold

Basket-weave Square  Monkey, elephant and tiger  The Unforeseen Theme June 2020

M arch 2  Unforeseen - a toadstool  Clear the Decks 2

As you can see, our themes give thought to many different square designs. 

Your ideas please?

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  • To help fill out projections can I put myself forward for


    • Hi Everyone.

      Just an update as we draw closer to a finalized list.......

      January...Safari Through Africa....Amy

      February....Go Bold.....Karen

      March...New to you....Gloria

      April   ? Possibly Rebecca?


      June  ?

      July  ?

      August ? Possibly Rebecca?

      September....Colour Memories...Karen

      October....Waiting to be Chosen.....Chris

      November...Two Colour Challenge...Susan 

      December....Free For All....Patricia.

      Rebecca, are you happy to do the Variegated and Stripes theme, please? If so, would it be April or August? Sorry, just been going back through the discussion and earlier you had offered April or November and then later, August or wasn't sure if it was April or August that you would be available. Thanks.  :))

      Patricia, if your offer still stands for a second theme hosting in (your) summer, I would love to take you up on that.  :))

      Karen, thanks for choosing Colour Memories for appreciated.  :))  xo

      That will then leave two themes, which I am more than happy to do and I am so very grateful for everyone's support and input.  xoxo

      • Sorry - I can do any of the three months to fit in with everyone else.  April I have a lot of birthdays to deal with in the family - but as we cannot go visit people, and I think it unlikely we will by next April, I can do April.   August I could also do.  

        • Thank you so much for your prompt reply, Rebecca. I will pop you in August. Family time is very important.....especially birthdays....hoping your restrictions will be eased by then.  xo

          • I have created a new discussion for the finalized list of themes and hosts for 2021.

            Here is the link....


            p.s. Rebecca, could you please let me know your suggested colour for PJCoM for August and I will add it to the new discussion.

            Thanks everyone...what a great collaboration by all. Much appreciated.  xo 

      • I'll do Hearts & Flowers in June, please. I'll sort out the colour when I see what's left.

        • Actually, I'd like to go for Lilac unless somebody else wants it.

          • Lilac sounds lovely for Hearts and Flowers. Maybe I'm just saying that because I have quite a lot of lilac and different shades of purple!!!!

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