Happy Holidays to all.

If Santa is coming down your chimney, I hope he leaves a nice surprise!!

As previously mentioned by Gloria in November Snips, our theme lineup will look a little different in 2023. We hope you like it.

January - What's on your needles and hooks in January? CoM (colour of the month - Purple

February - Fruit and Flowers. Host - Valerie - CoM - Orange

March - What's on your hooks and needles in March? CoM - Green

April - Festive Fun - Host - Karen - CoM - Red

May - What's on your needles and hooks in May? CoM - Brown

June - Beautiful Africa - Host - Bev - CoM - Yellow

July - What's on your hooks and needles in July? CoM - Turquoise

August - Education...Explore and Discover - Host - Amy - CoM - Black

September - What's on your needles and hooks in September? - CoM - White

October - Transport - Host - Marion - CoM - Blue

November - What's on your hooks and needles in November? CoM - Pink

December - December De- stash - Host - Patricia - CoM - Silver 

Please join us in the New Year, with your yarns, your patterns and your crafting. We look forward to seeing 'what ya' got'.

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  • Christmas squares on the way with warm hats and dolls! 
    Now on to May! 


  • Oh my goodness!! I have just realized that I didn't include pink in the CoM.

    About a week ago my grandson was watching me knit in purple and asked me which month was pink, as he knows I love pink. I said I couldn't remember, but thought it was towards the end of the year. Today I decided to check which month it was (having ordered more pink yarn on the weekend,,haha) and shock horror!! no pink listed!!

    i throw myself on the mercy of the forum and ask if it would be ok if I swapped pink for either brown in May or light purple in November, please?.....because a year without pink, is just tooooo sad.  :((

    • Personally...I am surprised pink isn't the COM for every month of What's on your Hooks and Needles.  Change away!

      • Thanks soooo much ladies.....you have made me VERY happy.   :))

    • I think that could be allowed! I'm surprised none of us noticed either.

    • Oh ha ha ha.... That's such a funny comment Bev - I can feel your anxiety - for me your request is fine ✔️

  • Thanks Bev, I think this system will work well.

    i keep having brain waves as to how to use up some of my stash this year. I organise yarn into bags when this happens, so my stash doesn't look as much as it is.  

    I'm going to try very hard in 2023 not to buy too much yarn and to use up what I have.  The problem is I can't walk past Spotlight without going in for a quick look and that usually means I come out with more.


    • Sandra, I've recently started doing something similar. I write down ideas for blankets and then check which colours I've actually got already and separate them out in readiness. I can never resist a bargain though, so I end up buying more yarn that doesn't fit in with any of my careful planning.

    • Happy New Year.......

      Good luck with this in 2023, Sandra!

      I have more yarn than I could pole vault over (if I knew how to do it...haha).....and I have gift vouchers from Spotlight and our little local yarn store, from my sons and a friend. If only I could knit faster.

      I am really looking forward to seeing what you will create this year in our 'free for all' months....but, as I always say....NO pressure.  :))

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