Hello everybody,

I want to share how proud I am of all the ladies in the Czech republic (small country in the heart of Europe) who have decided to support this project.  I translated the KAS web page into Czech language a few month ago. The website was shared on Facebook four days ago and we have almost 600 members now....Almost everybody in the Czech republic is  now busy with knitting or  crocheting....and wishing from the bottom of their   hearts only the best to all the children in South Africa.

We love knitting, we love children, we love supporting those in need.

Big THANK YOU to all volunteers around the world.

Eva Adamkova, Czech republic

Jitka Bartakova.jpg

Miloslava Jarosova.jpg

Iveta Fecova Jancokova.jpg

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  • Eva I must say I am amazed and thrilled at the number of ladies knitting and crocheting for KAS to help the South African AIDS orphans.  You have such talent, all of you, and such creativity...I love that helicopter square and car square.  Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.  God bless you and keep you safe and warm and thank you again for your tremendous efforts to help the children.

    love, Jeanne

  • Here are the photos for you Eva.  Wonderful squares and hats !




    • Děvčata, jste opravdu moc šikovná. Jsem velice ráda, že se rozšířily naše řady. Připadala jsem si tady dost osaměle.

    • All of the work from your ladies has been beautiful! The children will benefit so much from their lovely work, thank you to them all!
    • Beautiful and brigjht!  Eva, a big 'Thank you' to all your ladies.

  • Let´s see how wonderful Czech and Slovak ladies are....

    Misa Putova Hoppeova.jpg

    regina kadlecova.jpg

    Tereza Bory.jpg

  • Eva,

    Thank you for your generous support of Kas and the children. Lovely squares!!

    I love you country.


    • Thank you Diana....

  • Wooow Eva, this is amazing news!! What a superb 2015 gift you've given to  KAS!!!! And Bravo to the Czechs, respect!

    • Thank you Lina, I will tell to  all the Czech girls you liked their toys and squares..We have been working hard and making more and more every day...

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