• Thank you Amy!10765627289?profile=RESIZE_710x

    • Stunning bouquet.  

      I feel blessed by all the wonderful comments ladies.  Thank you!

  • July 2022 Theme - Things That Move

    My final eight sewn on for August. Sadly, had many more appliques, but as usual, so little time. :))

    July 2022 Theme - Things That Move

    Oops, just realized I didn't 'crop' the pics before posting, but hubby's dinner is waiting to be made....I'm looking at getting the sack if I don't hurry up.  :))

    • Ha ha love that remark…I’ve been told that KAS is taking over my life. 

      I do love all those trucks, diggers and things that move -  my grandsons favourite things at the moment. 

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        For hosting August, Amy........beautiful squares, blankets, hats and crafting from everyone.  xo

        • Well I've just taken a grand hour in the shade devouring all the pictures and comments I've missed during busy periods in my life.    We are good at this lark aren't we....

          Superb hosting Amy, Th U x.   I had more hats ready to photograph before I left for this holiday abroad,  but will slide them into August on my return.


    • Bev,  these beauties will a-tractor lot of attention!!    All super dooper ✔️

    • What a bumper crop of MOVING engines.  I love them and I know some little boys are going to be thrilled to find these squares in their blankets.  The will be zooming off to South Africa very soon.

      Thanks for all of these Bev.

  • 10736379291?profile=RESIZE_710xAfrican Flower squares in the colour of the month.

    • Perfection Lesley, they are beautiful :))

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