Toy Story Album 1, 2 ,3 & 4

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  • Amy, Thank you so much for handling this marathon of toys.    What an amazing job you have done, and KAS has done.   The final total is mind-blowing.

    The little cuddlebug in the intro must be dizzy by now after all the round and round he has done.   But now he can have a good nap while he and the other toys travel to South Africa, where they will be greeted by squeals of delight and lots of hugging, playing and cuddle-ing.   FUN!

  • Amy, 

    APPLAUSE!! Applause!! Applause!!! For your leadership, continuing to carry the project thru, encouragement, contributions, and unfailing spirit of love. (I live in the U.S. so I needed Toy Story in a special way.)

    And the running totals were delightful.


  • Wow we have finished our campaign and we have 1200 toys gathered for KAS that have been posted here.  Many thanks to everyone that has contributed to this great success.

    TOY TOTAL 1200


    • Amy I think we all have had so much fun during this campaign which shows we all think like a child whatever our age, thank you for the running totals and all your trips to the attic for numerous toy boxes. Xx
  • Amy, THANK YOU for all the beautiful toys you have made during the past 4 months and for keeping the toy theme running smoothly. Ronda and the team will be amazed when all the toys arrive in the office and the children will be so happy to receive them.  Great work everyone.  :)))


    • What an amazing total !!! How good are KASers????

      Thank you so much, Amy, for hosting a FOUR MONTH theme. You are a star!!!


  • Jo made these two teddies...I've just got time to squeeze them in the toy box before the end of the month.  :)))


    • Awww, these two friends are GORGEOUS!!!!!! No prizes for guessing my

      Jo is a gal of many talents.  :))

  • Amy, thank you for all the work you put into making this Toy Story a Success Story!!  Your dedication to this 4-month-long theme is nothing short of amazing.  Your efforts have been so well rewarded.  


    Thank you, too, to everyone who joined in the fun and craft of toy making!  

    Your efforts will soon be putting big smiles on little faces :)

    • I have loved such a good excuse to go to the charity shops for toys and of course anything I need for my PJ embellishments! Thanks Amy xx
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