From our early days of receiving eight parcels a week, Knit-A-Square South Africa has grown to the point where we collect, on average, a truck load of mail from the Post Office on a weekly basis.  In July of this year we received 27 513 squares alone!

As you can imagine, we are delighted, but the logistics of unpacking, sorting and then distributing all these items is proving to be beyond what we can operationally cope with.  So, we have enlisted some help!

Erica Lüttich from the Outreach Foundation assisted us with advice when setting up the MedLemon Knitting Schools and she came to the rescue once again.


During the recent public school holidays, Erica and her team, held an educational week for 400 vulnerable children between the ages of 6 and 13 years who live in inner city Johannesburg.  They opened up their facilities in Hillbrow and together with 70 volunteers they looked after these children, during the day, for a week.

During the week, the children are guided with bible stories, fun games and recreational activities that include life skills workshops addressing sex education, drug awareness, care and support.

When Knit-A-Square South Africa asked Erica how we could help, she suggested we get involved with keeping the children warm – now that is something we know how to do! 

Having committed many of our blankets to various day care centres already, we didn’t have enough ready-made blankets to hand out to all of these children, but we did have beanies and tops.

Erica and her team collect all of the tops we had and the 70 volunteers help sort and size them, returning to KAS the tops they could not distribute because they were too small for the age group they were catering for.

During the Kids Week, and another Art Day in Kagiso based on the same format, Knit-A-Square through this partnership distributed 789 tops and beanies to vulnerable children during the coldest part of our winter.

We hope you enjoy the photos of your colourful and warm beanies and tops being distributed to these children.   


We will get back to reporting on the very many distributions we have completed over the winter, but the photos from this particular distribution were so sweet we decided to dedicate an entire report to it!

As you are all aware, we have moved into our new premises and although things are a little disorganised at the moment, we look forward to getting ourselves sorted, not having to carry heavy parcels upstairs and generally to a well organised and more efficient operation.


And lastly, we are sure that you will agree that a smile like this and hand drawn not of thanks, makes what we do very special!


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  • What lovely photos. it warms the heart to see all these children looking so happy for receiving things that we take pretty much for granted.I was so happy to see the top with the bicycle on it. It was made by one of the ladies who regularly sends me yarn and squares. I will send her a copy of this photo.

    • Hi Valerie, I recognised the bicycle jumper straight away (see page one of the discussion) and searched the forum for the photo as I knew I'd seen it before. I 'found' it in your photo album. I knew you would be happy to see a child with it and doesn't he look pleased with his gift?
      • Thank you for posting that info. Louise. I think that little boy and that sweater will enjoy their time together! I'm certain that Mme Baconnet will be happy to know that her sweater has found a good home.

  • What great teamwork with Erica!  Love the photos of the smiling children. 

    • I agree with everyone else, this is a beautiful report, I enjoyed it being about one distribution and the photos are lovely.  I am very happy that so many beanies and tops got given to the children, particularly in the larger sizes which are so rewarding to make.  It is very heartening to hear about all the daycare centers that the blankets were committed to; news of Knit-A-Square and it's mission of love is certainly spreading it seems. It makes me smile to think of so many children being warmed and so many dedicated teachers and caregivers being encouraged, knowing they are not alone. I mean KAS showing up with blankets and clothing must be so encouraging to them--knowing they are not alone in the fight to care for all these lovely children, that people around the world care too.

  • Lovely photographs and lovely children. I'm pleased to see one of my sweaters put to good use.  I have just finished two more Go Overs so by my reckoning that just leaves 787 more tops to knit to replenish the stock........!!! 

    • Marjorie thank you for my first giggle of the day! All I can think to say is that if doing another 787 tops doesn't erase your yarn stash forever then you must be the yarn stash queen, haha.

  • thank you for posting the photos.  It is always an inspiration to see the children and all the lovely work people have done.  Beautiful report!

  • Louise T spotted another G-O of mine in the first photo, the pink and white self striped. Thank you Louise!
    • You're welcome Chris, I'd spot one of your G-O's anywhere, they don't call me Hawkeye for nothing!!! LOL
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