What's on your hooks and needles in June 2024?


WELCOME! laughing

It's the start of another month......what are your plans for KAS crafting?
There are soooo many possibilities, it's hard to decide where to begin!
UFOs (unfinished objects)
CoM (colour of the month)
Yarn that you've been itching to knit/crochet
or just close your eyes, put your hand in your stash and surprise yourself.........laughing
Whatever you decide, I hope it brings you as much joy, as it will the children when they receive your 'end results'.
Colour of the month (CoM) is 

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    • So pretty, Pat. I'm looking forward to seeing the turquoise based blankets in a few months' time.

    • BEAUTIFUL squares, Pat!! So neat....so vibrant.....LOVE them!!

    • Beautiful.  looks like a serene sea.   Will be wonderful in any blanket.

  • I agree Amy. they do look like the stones. I love turquoise stones set in silver jewelry.

  • Looking forward to seeing all the beautiful squares made from one of my favourite colours ! 

  • Three turquoise squares, two with solid centers, and one that is completely variegated.


    I don't know why the carpet looks pink.  It certainly is not, but the turquoise color seems about right.   Camera doing its own wonky thing .... again!

    • Love them, such pretty mix

    • Perfect shade of turquoise...with the bits of white they look like the true stones.

      • I was trying to think what they reminded me of, Amy - that's exactly it!

    • LOVE your turquoise yarn squares, Sharon....LOVE your pink carpet, too.  hee hee hee.

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