What's on Your Needles and Hooks in April 2024?

What's on your hooks and needles in April 2024?
What surprises await your fellow KASers, from your hooks and needles this month?
I hope it's lots of this.....
and this....
and this....
and this.....
But none of this...............
Colour of the Month (CoM) is
Now some might consider brown a pretty boring colour to put in a child's blanket, but there are soooo many shades......and it complements sooooo many other colours. I'm thinking mint green , lemon,  lilac and lavender, turquoise...to name a few. So, if you have some 'browns' lurking in the bottom of your stash, drag them out...this is their moment (month) to shine!! 


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  • Thank you all for another month of fun, crafting and chat. With temps slowly going down here in Oz, I'm pretty sure it must be the same for South Africa, so our crafting will be much appreciated, to be sure.  xo

  • Thanks for hosting this theme Bev, you make the task look so effortless + we all know it is not xx

  • Great squares Bev. It's still April here on the West Coast of Canada

  • These squares have the last of the peachy/orange yarn that I knitted back in January. I had kept back a couple of balls to stripe with this dark chocolate brown. 14 squares. I was determined to finish a project on time for once....haha. I finished the last square at 1am, 1st May, my time, but it's still April somewhere in the world, I'm sure. laughing


    • Such dedication, Bev! Fabulous squares.

    • These squares make me feel happy.   ⭐ You're a star for completing your project within the time frame. Well done xx

    • These are wonderful, Bev.  Love the color combination and the very neat stripes.   Timewise, you did perfect ... 1am your time means most of the world was still finishing April.  All Good.

  • Thanks you Bev for a great month. I didn't post anything because I sent off my parcel 10 days ago and put my April squares in without taking a picture.Silly me. Anyway I sent 6 brown squares called " Toffee" and 15 different colour Granny Squares. Will definitely take pictures in May.

    • Anything called Toffee sounds delicious to me, so I'm sure they will be great in a blanket.  Sorry we didn't get to see them, but I'm really impressed with your efficiency!  Can't wait to see pictures in May. (but, no pressure, of course!)

    • Good on ya', Pat!! I can imagine the toffee.....and 15 grannies will be much appreciated by the ladies....they always go so well with other squares.

      I was hoping to get another parcel in the post before the end of April, but it didn't happen.

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