What's on Your Needles and Hooks in April 2024?

What's on your hooks and needles in April 2024?
What surprises await your fellow KASers, from your hooks and needles this month?
I hope it's lots of this.....
and this....
and this....
and this.....
But none of this...............
Colour of the Month (CoM) is
Now some might consider brown a pretty boring colour to put in a child's blanket, but there are soooo many shades......and it complements sooooo many other colours. I'm thinking mint green , lemon,  lilac and lavender, turquoise...to name a few. So, if you have some 'browns' lurking in the bottom of your stash, drag them out...this is their moment (month) to shine!! 


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    • Hi everyone, thank you I'm glad you like the blanket.

      Bev the yarn was from Spotlight, but no brand name, it was a 400gm bag of what they call Mill Ends.  I have another bag in mouves / pinks.  The reason I have grey on the corners is because I ran out of pink, so had to do something to stretch it out.

      When mum was in Bendigo I used to buy her self patterning yarn at the Bendigo Woollen Mills shop and she knitted beanies with it, but I doubt it was their brand though.  Sorry not much help with your question.

      Spotlight is only a 20 minute walk away from me, so whenever yarn is on special, I'm there looking for a bargain.  A bit addictive I must say.


      • Wow Sandra! You are so lucky to have a Spotlight so close! My nearest is over an hour away. 

        I quite often pick up some mill ends when there....but none as pretty as your self-striping. The pink squares that I have just posted here in April were from 'mill ends'.

        I have also mail ordered from Bendigo Woollen Mills many years ago. Not selfpatterning, but nice yarn to work with.

    • PRETTY as a picture, Sandra!!

      LOVE your attention to detail....the colour coordination between stripes and solid colours and your attention to detail, right down to the little triangle of colour on each corner.

      May I ask, what yarn this self-striping is? It's divine!!

    • Sandra this is another stunning and oh so original blanket.   The variegateds are divine, and your layout impeccable.   What a clever girl ♥️⭐

    • The self-patterning yarn is amazing, looks so lively.  And you've matched it with coordinating colors just perfectly.  

    • I love these fresh spring colours Sandra, a very pretty blanket.

    • Beautiful work Sandra.  Well worth the results...you stitching up those amazing diagonals.

      This is a fun Springtime blanket.

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