WHAT’S YOUR YARN NAME?

                                              From Wendy Lewis and Anne Powell



 ..... and become another person entirely....


FIRST INITIAL OF                           FIRST INITIAL OF

   FIRST NAME                                   LAST NAME



A   Chunky                                              A   Twisted-Tassels

B   Tweedy                                             B   Slipped-Stitch

C   Speedy                                             C   Happy-Hooks

D   Purl                                                      Soft-Skeins

E   Fluffy                                                 E   Moss-Stitch

F  Scratchy                                               Looms-a-Lot

G   Ruffles                                             G   Dangly-Tail

H   Fuzzy                                                H   Flappy-Fringe

   Crafty                                                   Loose-Ends

J    Lacey                                               J   Silky-Strands

K   I. Lash                                              Stitch-Marker

L   Polly Esther                                      L   Oops-a-Lot

Loopy                                               M   Mega-Stash

N   Hairy                                                 N  Super-Squares

O   Oddball                                            O   Frog-Often

P   Itchy                                                  P   Dropped-Bottom

Furry                                                  Q   Yarn-over

R   Bobbles                                            R   Butterfly-Tails

S   Granny                                              S   Bright-Beanie

Woolly                                                  Great-Garters

Pom-Pom                                          U   Crazy-Cones

V  Cuddles                                                Whip-Stitch

W  Castoff                                              W   Pops O’Colour

X   Aran                                                     Go-Over

  Angora                                               Y   Heavy-Hanks

Z  Bulky                                                      Tension-Toulouse



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  • And I'm Itchy Flappy Fringe, which would be quite true if I was wearing wool, lol.

    • LOLOL Jeanne.  :))

  • LOL!!!!!  Bobbles Mega-Stash

  • Greetings to you all from Fuzzy Mega-stash!

    As my 'stash' takes up the whole of one wall of my office, (as well as the bits that 'leak' out around the living room) I think its a fair name!

    • hello for chunky happy-hooks.lol

  •  Loopy Slipped-stitch here!

    • Hi Loopy....cute name.   :))

      • chunky happy hooks here

        • Hello chunky happy-hooks, nice to 'see you' back, I wonder if we are related?
          Speedy Happy-Hooks :))
        • Glad you are back, Ann!  Great name!

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