What's a KASism?????

We have been around for a little more than a year now. During that time, we have developed a ’lingo’ - we have a tendency to say things that a lot of people in the general population don’t understand. Words have entered our vocabulary that are peculiar to us alone - words that we toss around in casual conversation that only another KASer understands - words that cause non-KASers to look at us as if we were speaking another language....which of course we are!! Thanks to Karen for suggesting this category - which promises to be a lot of fun. I will start off with the ones I can think of in the first post. Feel free to add your own definition of KASISMS I have included ..... and add to the list as you think of more. Hope the list will grow and grow

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  • Anne Powell and I worked together to gather all the suggestions from this discussion and put them in alphabetical order in our:


    KASatisfaction – the feeling KASfolk get when they have just mailed off a large parcel of squares or finished a KASwip

    KASbarn - where the action is in South Africa.The facility where the volunteers work, square are received and sorted, and where our blankets are stored prior to distribution.

    KASelder - one of those wonderful senior ladies who give their time and skill to making squares for our kids.

    KASflag -  a knitted or crocheted version of our Square Circle logo

    KASfolk - member of a special group of people who knit or crochet for the sole purpose of keeping orphaned or abandoned children in South Africa warm, as opposed to non-KASfolk - anyone who doesn’t “get it” yet - who doesn’t understand the importance of what we are doing.

    KASfriend - person who is not officially a KAS member but who generously gives of their time to make squares and donate them to us
    KASism - any word that has a special meaning understood easily by other KASfolk
    KASister - someone who shares our passion for this organization and with whom we share patterns and ideas.

    KASguilt – that awful feeling KASfolk get when they discover a forgotten KASwip hiding at the back of the stash cupboard

    KASmen - a rare breed of courageous men who readily admit that knitting is NOT exclusively a female occupation - have discovered the pleasure in this hobby - and are unabashedly proud of making squares for our kids.. Haven’t met one of these guys yet - but I expect they are most particularly loveable!!
    KASnazzed - any plain jane square which, with the addition of a small motif, can become part of the current month's theme.

    KASquelfies - the photos we take of our squares

    KASquirks – those odshaped, odd-sized squares received in SA and assembled in beautiful blankets by a volunteer endowed with enormous patience,

    KAStabulous or KAStastic – what KASisters say when complimenting one another on a particularly special square or blanket

    KAStails - the 20" (50cm) length we leave attached and butterflied to our squares for use in sewing up the blankets

    KAStangle - the blithering mess we get into when trying to make a flag square with 2 or 3 different colours and they all get tangled together as we work.  

    KAStash – Our stash of yarn, usually large enough to keep us busy for at least a year, but never quite large enough when we discover a wonderful new yarn and ‘have to’ buy it.

    KAStashbuster - any KAS project that uses up your stash or remnants of yarn.

    KAStime –‘our’ time for making squares, when the family knows better than to ask “When’s dinner?”

    KASvan (or KASmobil) - Ronda's amazing vehicle loaned and maintained by a local business

    KASville - the place where I live ...i.e. I live in Leaskdale, but I LIVE in KASville

    KASwip - the term for all those projects we have started and not finished.  Every KAS-sister has a collection of them, lurking somewhere in a corner giving us occasional pangs of KASguilt and lovely feelings of KASatisfaction when we finish one of them.

    Knitckers -of course KASfolk wear knitckers not knickers!!’

    • Thank you Glo, it’’s been a while since I have seen this :))

    • Thanks for the reminder, Gloria - my morning chuckle :))

  • What fun to see this discussion springing to life again!  Anne, a KASictionary would be a great name for the list.  In reading through the pages I find that there are a few that could be lumped together ... (for instance - KASvan, KASmobile - KASsister, KASfriend) ... and think that they could actually be added to a KASaurus :)

    I'm with Leslie and Valerie - KASatisfaction is a great one!

  • How about KASwip - WIP being a 'work in progress'.  At the moment I'm surrounded by KASwips - crochet blanket, knitted squares (in strips), hats waiting to be sewn up, dolls ditto ... and so on!   (Sorry if someone has come up with this before.)

    • My KASwips have gotten out of proportion, I'm afraid. I'm trying toget several finished to put on my Christmas Fair stall. I have 2 poor bunnies without arms or ears. I'll have to get them finished.  All the squares and blankets will have to wait until the New Year. 

    • Thank you Leslie for coming up with a new Kasism! KASwip is absolutely the perfect term for all those projects we have started and not finished.  I think every KAS-sister has a collection of them, lurking somewhere in a corner giving us occasional pangs of KASguilt and lovely feelings of KASatisfaction when we finish one of them.

      • KASatisfaction is great.

      • KASatisfaction is my new favourite!

      • Some KAStastic Kasisms Anne!

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