WIPs and UFOs

Hi, my name is Elaine and I’m addicted to crochet. It’s taken a while for me to realise but, in the end, it wasn’t too hard to admit and I don’t want to be cured, nor do I expect a great deal of sympathy from this forum! The main problem I have, however, is that I keep starting new projects before I’ve finished the last one(s). I see a new pattern or a new yarn and off I go again! As a result I have a large pile of UnFinished Objects (UFOs) and Works In Progress (WIPs). Something needs to be done. I thought if I blogged about the progress I’m making with some of these UFOs, maybe I’ll get to finish them. So, here are photos of just some of the projects I have on the go at the moment – I’d be too embarrassed to show you all of them – and I’ll post photos of my progress on each as I go along. I’m sure more will be added over time; this could be a never-ending story!



Whilst this might be a personal blog, I don’t believe I’m the only one here with this condition. Can we help and encourage each other? I could use some support from fellow addicts – both knitters and crocheters. If your WIPs are getting a bit out of control, why not join me in this personal challenge and let’s see if we can make a bit of room in our closets and cupboards.

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  • My goal for this month is to try on finish at least 75% of my UFOs.  That maybe as simple as sewing ends in up to finishing toy parts.

    Three down......to many to count to go. ( I do have some that fit into the August theme so they will appear there).

    Trying to Use the Stash to Send the Cash to KAS.


    • Thanks ladies,

      I have a headless cuddlebug and doll, a finless fish and two more bunny bodies that need parts.  Nice to spend a month of clearing out things.  Somehow I do believe that body parts are multiplying without my involvement. Sewing is not my favorite part of the process.  I have to remember that the end result is what counts.

    • Beautiful toys, Amy. 

    • Oh Amy, your trio are gorgeous! I always love your long eared bunnies, and your doll is so special, she is beautiful! :))
    • Soooooo cute, Amy!!! You little girl is totes adorable!!!!.....and that has NOTHING  to do with her gorgeous pink outfit....lol.

  • My contributions to the blog seem to have suffered lately but I certainly haven't been idle.  The only problem is that my WIPs and UFOs are getting a bit out of hand....again.  I have upsized a few more grannies and made some more corner to corner squares:



    but, in the meantime, I have also made poppies to raise funds for the Royal British Legion as well as a twiddle muff and twiddle blanket for a local residential care home following an appeal from them.  I also found in our Knit for Life wool shed a large bag of tiny granny squares.


    They're all about 3 inches square and think they may have been used as bunting and were subsequently donated to us.  I gave up on the idea of sewing them together - it was taking too long and I find black difficult to see these days - so I set about finding another way to use them.


    I've no idea how many squares there are but I have a feeling they will make more than one blanket!

    • Elaine, what a gorgous pile of squares!  All those little ones will keep you busy for a while, I'm sure, and you're turning them into real beauties!  You certainly do have your work (or should I say 'play') cut out for you :) xo

      • Well done, Elaine......you have indeed been busy....and by the looks of things you will be for some time.  :)) Good on you for making the most of everything....you are never oone to shy away from a challenge that's for sure!

  • I've been absent from the blog for a short while - life has been interfering, but in a nice way.  We've just celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary - where did all those years go?  Anyway, celebrations are now over so I'm back to a reasonably normal routine.  I've been working on finding a new project to do in the car and in front of television.  I can't do the circle squares without concentrating and counting so I've finally settled on corner to corner squares, some striped and some plain:


    I'm not quite sure where I'm going with this at the moment but I think I'll just go with flow and see what happens.  Another WIP to add to the many!

    • Congratulations Elaine!  A very nice milestone.  You just go with the flow and we will cheer you on. 

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