Over the years Knit-a-Square has grown rather organically and kindhearted members have been sending an ever increasing variety of goodies, but it has become essential for Knit-a-Square to have an appraisal and re-evaluate its whole approach in order for the office team to comfortably handle the number of items arriving. 

In future Knit-a-Square will ONLY be able to distribute squares, assembled blankets, hats, hand-warmers and cuddly toys. All other items, as mentioned below, will be distributed through a third-party and not directly by KAS.

The focus for the coming year, and for some time to come will be :



Squares for blankets   -   Hats & Hand-warmers   -   Cuddly Toys

In order to make life easier for the office team we need the following assistance :



  • Please lay the squares flat for posting, and avoid rolling into sausages.
  • Please do not wrap the squares in plastic cling wrap - they arrive smelly!
  • Bundled into square packs of 35 if there are enough of them.


  • You are welcome to sew your squares into blankets of 5x7 squares (see chart at bottom of the page) but must only declare that your package contains knitted squares. [Crocheters often find it easier to crochet the squares into strips and then crochet the strips together.]




  • Ronda mentioned that the ribbed hats are the best as they grow with the child. Sizing - if it fits the knitter then it will fit the child comfortably.
  • However, please avoid square hats, as for some reason the children get ridiculed for having "ears"!




  • Again hand-warmers that are ribbed are comfortable and grow with the child.
  • Please place one hand-warmer inside the other in order to keep them together.
  • Please avoid tying them together or using safety pins as these must be removed prior to distribution and it is fiddly and time consuming.



  • The children absolutely adore receiving their own personal 'present' of a cuddly toy - and they bring joy beyond measure for so many children who have never experienced the wonder of "ownership".
  • Hand knitted toys or store bought toys are welcome, but all price tags must be removed to avoid customs problems.
  • Second hand toys are accepted as long as they are in good condition. 



  • Yarn - we always need yarn to sew together and edge the blankets.
  • Yarn needles - we always need these for sewing the blankets - both plastic and metal are great.
  • Crochet hooks - 4.0mm (US size G/6, UK/Canadian size 8) for edging the blankets so they remain strong.
  • We do not need any more knitting needles at this stage - we have a box full!



  • Completing the Packing Slip is a huge help to the team at the office - thank you. Here is the link to the discussion page where you will find 3 documents including a large print version listed on the bottom left : Revised Packing Slip

  • The new message to be printed on parcels is : 

                  BONA FIDE GIFT

                  FOR CHARITY

                  NO COMMERCIAL VALUE

  • Customs Ticket - please only write a value of '0' or '1' - anything higher will result in Knit-a-Square being charged duties, which they well cannot afford, resulting in parcels being returned to customs authorities for re-assessment. THIS can result in non-receipt in the long run.

  • Please do not register or insure your parcels - it automatically assumes a "monetary value" on the parcel and this is what causes the problems with SA Customs & Excise!

  • Please continue to use the usual address at Bryanston, as this branch is re-opening in a new location on 21st December!




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  • I have been knitting dolls for Uthando project for a few yrs now but as I also have been doing the squares for here and are now putting them all ready to post one each pay day, I was wondering if these dolls would be suitable for older children . I have 4 girls at the moment ready to go.. they are a little larger than the teddies I see here... what do you think...

    • Yes please Elaine !  The Uthando project has lovely toy patterns.  Georgia Efford gave KAS permission to use the patterns for the children in South Africa.  We have posted the patterns here:  http://forum.knit-a-square.com/forum/topics/uthando-project-patterns

      Would you post a photo in the Teddy Bear Picnic January theme?  We would love to see your 'girls'.

      • Will do , I could't find the folder with the photo in when I posted this so will head there now.. I have modified a pattern for a book on dolls.. I found lots of errors and also the dolls were not long enough in the body and I had to redo some of the jumper patterns as well .. If anyone is interested in making these lovely dolls, I will sit and type out the patterns and post them.. I may take a little while.. although it shames me to say not the 2 yrs I have had all the toys and squares, but the Lord has been on my case lately and I have a dear younger (and healther) friend who is helping me tye ends, and fill in your labels.. All going well they should be posted one a fortnight from next Thursday, God willing.

  • Could the section on "how to stitch together a KAS blanket" be added to the KAS pattern pages as an instructional page please?  

  • Looking forward to contributing, but could you give me an idea of stitches and length for the arm warmers or does it not matter?

  • I too give thanks as I also am a new member in Australia.
    Best get knitting, crocheting and sewing.
  • This page has been very informative for me as a first time contributor to 'knit a square' - thank you! :)

This reply was deleted.