• Thank you so much everyone for your lovely advice.  I think my brain went to sleep whilst knitting last night as I finished one hand warmer and then moved onto start another (no problem there you may think) well the second one was in a different colour.  I did have a chuckle when I realised my error and my husband also added his thoughts on the matter. Ha ha, so tonight I need to knit the other half. :) I don't suppose any child would mind two different one's seeing as my children appear incapable of wearing a pair of matching socks. lol

  • DK with 4mm pins is fine as the rib makes the handwarmer thicker. I also used Aran on 5.5mm pins with slightly less stitches.

  • Hi Claire,

    Linda asked me to reply as I've made a few handwarmers now. I have to admit, I also thought they might be a little thin, but as they're knitted in ribs, they seem to 'bulk up' nicely and aren't as thin as flat knitting. They are warm whilst still being flexible enough for the kids to write whilst wearing them, so hopefully they will do the trick. I think if they were knitted in much heavier yarn (or two strands, smaller needles), we'd lose a lot of the stretch. I don't know if that helps at all but one final word of warning.... making them is very addictive! x

  • Hi Claire, the Hand-Warmers should be warm enough with one strand of DK yarn.  Here in Canada, I used one strand of worsted weight which is similar to DK.  We don't want the HWs to be too bulky or the children won't be able to write.  If you are still concerned, may I suggest you try a 100% wool or a wool/acrylic blend to give added warmth.

    • Thank you so much Linda.  I confess I hadn't thought about the practical side of things and that makes perfect sense. I will definitely try some yarn with wool for extra warmth. :)

      • Looking forward to a photo Claire :-)

  • Sadly Claire, I'm not a knitter or crocheter, but Linda has placed the hand warmers in the KAS Pattern Book, here are the links :

    Knitted version :

    Crochet version :

    I expect some of the experienced hand-warmer knitters will soon start responding!

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