The Square Heart Award for April 2016

goes to

Susanne Leverton and her Mum Col

from South Australia

FEBRUARY 2014 CHALLENGE - Happy Valentine's DayThank you Anne Powell for the square heart.

Susanne joined KAS in September 2014  From the very early days of receiving info about PJ's and learning about joining yarn, by March Susanne was making grannies. Susanne and her mother are wonderful knitters and they have sent vests, toys, squares, blankets, cuddles, hand-warmers, beanies and also Tshirts  undies and socks. Susanne's sister Sandra also joined us in April 2015. 

Enjoy these photos of their bright and colourful gifts.

 Rainbow Babiesi27 Beanies from mum Col L'Huillier

10 year old James, Susanne's grandsons, join the KAS clan too, James making a beanie and Timothy with the toy he made. Thank you boys !

10 year old James making beanieJuly Chrismas Theme...Handwarmers 31 - 39

Susanne's hand-warmers.

13 jumpers from my mum Col L'Huillier

Col's jumpers and Susanne's squares. Susanne embraces every monthly challenge.

Nov ThemeNovember ThemeNovember Theme

Sandra's vests.


There is so much more to see ! Take a look for yourselves.

Susanne, Col and Sandra we thank you for your beautiful gifts for the children of South Africa !

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  • Well deserved award, your continued support is much appreciated!

  • Congratulations you duo of speed. A fantastic contribution and a lot of fun.

  • Congratulations.  So many beautiful things made and a wonderful family team effort!

  • Congratulations on receiving this award which is so well deserved. You and many of your family do so much for the children. It's wonderful to see family supporting each other and sharing interests as you do from the young to the old and producing such lovely items. Well done all of you.
  • Wow , I'm just a little bit stunned! I have been away interstate for a month helping prepare for my youngest's wedding. I was not expecting this. I love knitting, ( and in the past year crotcheting), so it gives me great pleasure to contribute to KAS for the children of South Africa. Mum has knitted for various children's charities over many years. I will be visiting her in June for her 92nd birthday, and will be able to show her the Square Heart then. Thank you for all your lovely comments. Best wishes from Down Under xx
  • Many congrats Susanne, Col and Sandra. A well deserved award, you bring beautiful items, love and warmth to the children. xo

    • Susanne, I am very glad that the Square Heart Award for April 2016 goes to you, your mum Col, Sandra and your grandsons. You are really very skilful with the knitting needles and the loom.

  • A very big congratulations Sue and mum from me, an award well and truly deserved.
    I am not quite sure why I was also mentioned because even though I did send a parcel of 20 vests and 7 of mum's beanies early last July, it seems it never arrived. I just have to hope that whoever has the parcel really really needed the contents. However I haven't given up and I have two boxes almost ready to go next week (a girls box and a boys box of knitting). Let's hope that these parcels arrive OK.
    Once again congratulations.
    • You are sooooo included in this most deserving award, Sandra.

      If you are thinking that your parcel never arrived because it wasn't on a list, experience has taught me that just because it didn't appear on a list, doesn't mean it didn't get there.  :))

      Thank you for continuing to send.  :)) You and your family are a very talented bunch!!

  • Congratulations Susanne, Col and family for your wonderful contributions that provide joy as well as warmth for the children. A well deserved award!

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