• Wandi and Themba went to Protea South to distribute 130 blankets, beanies, hand-warmer sets and soft toys. Here are some pics of the little darlings with their pretty blankets, from our distribution from June 20, 2023.

    Winter temperatures right now are between 4-18C or 40-65F.


  • Another distribution by Athele and Estelle the week of May 29.

    KnitASquare are blessed by Miss Lizzy and all the contributors who make her day care possible, in this desperately impoverished community on the far northern reaches of JoTown. Not only does she keep a list of all the children who have received our charity’s blankets, but she puts the word out to those who haven’t about when we’re coming and allows us the safety of her premises to do our distribution. Estelle McLeod and I are always grateful and so glad to see her always smiling face, in the midst of the trying world that is her reality. Of course we’re especially grateful to all the donors from around the globe who make this possible.

    11835382885?profile=RESIZE_710xIt was a chilly winter’s day … a fact belief by the very worn summer shoes most residents were wearing. As you scroll through notice how many Mama’s are using cloths to keep warm and towels to wrap their infants. Good to know more little ones will be that but warmer this winter

    11835403299?profile=RESIZE_710x11835413258?profile=RESIZE_710xBlanket by Chris Chiplen.


    11835437489?profile=RESIZE_710x11835446076?profile=RESIZE_710x11835454891?profile=RESIZE_710xCathy Riley,one of your gorgeous blankets. Always a big fave.

    11835484675?profile=RESIZE_710x11835499887?profile=RESIZE_710x11835539463?profile=RESIZE_710x11835546060?profile=RESIZE_710x11835549301?profile=RESIZE_710xA Cathy Riley creation stitched together by Estelle.11835590896?profile=RESIZE_710x

    Gorgeous child with cold feet. 😢
    One of Estelle's - sunning squares from Elaine Joubert and Carolyn Stone.
    11835606698?profile=RESIZE_710xBlanket sewn together by Estelle in honour of King Charles III coronation.

    • Wonderful photos of the work that’s being done for the children, by some amazing people. Thank you for sharing.
      I was so chuffed to see one of my blankets with its new owner :)

    • More photos from this distribution...

      11835637680?profile=RESIZE_710xLovely squares from Antoinette’s team 🇿🇦put together by Rae Logie.

      11835650294?profile=RESIZE_710xLove all the match match, one of mine gorgeous squares from Amy and Elaine.

      11835656898?profile=RESIZE_710xBlanket from Sally Patterson.

      11835660293?profile=RESIZE_710xBeautiful boy with a beautiful blanket made by Liz.

      11835661462?profile=RESIZE_710x11835661678?profile=RESIZE_710xAnother one from Antoinette’s team. 🇿🇦

      11835663082?profile=RESIZE_710xGorgeous blanket made by Liz Gyldenhuis and thanks Elaine for making extra brown squares.

      11835663483?profile=RESIZE_710x11835664277?profile=RESIZE_710xAnother stunner by Amy Pettigrew and a super toy from Ada Breeuwer.

      11835665483?profile=RESIZE_710xSuch a cute bunny and the dearest little sleeping soul.

      11835666089?profile=RESIZE_710x11835667074?profile=RESIZE_710xThe children are always willing to help.

      11835668265?profile=RESIZE_710x11835669057?profile=RESIZE_710x11835669875?profile=RESIZE_710x11835670870?profile=RESIZE_710xSome of Sharen Stennett's rabbit squares.

      11835671495?profile=RESIZE_710x11835672479?profile=RESIZE_710x11835673853?profile=RESIZE_710x11835674686?profile=RESIZE_710xA stunning soft blanket from Patricia Underwood she was thrilled to get it.

      • And I'm thrilled to see the photo! Thank you so much Estelle and Athele for all you do.

  • The week of May 29 Athele and Estelle made this touching distributions to a lovely creche.  

    Here is Athele's report:

    KnitASquare was so happy to have the chance to reach into this informal settlement on the far northern reaches of greater JoTown, earlier this week, where every single blanket, beanie, soft toy and in this case wonderful educational toy will be so very valued by the little ones of this community who are in desperate need of pretty much everything. Miss Elisa has done an Incredible job of inspiring various charities to rally around her efforts to take care of the children for those who have managed to find a job and need help. Everything you see was built and donated by volunteers. Very inspiring to know that there are many who do care and do reach out. Including us who support the KnitASquare whose contributors are worldwide.

    11417705683?profile=RESIZE_710xSo lovely to see this one I put together from a mix of pinks going to this sweet baby.

    11417712864?profile=RESIZE_710xCath Riley, your fabulous squares .. she Loved it!!

    11417726666?profile=RESIZE_710xSuch sweet children.

    11417737653?profile=RESIZE_710x11417737677?profile=RESIZE_710x11417748266?profile=RESIZE_710xEver smiling Miss Elisa.

    She was thrilled with all the new educational toys from Michelle Babcock's school.

    11417764866?profile=RESIZE_710x11417764880?profile=RESIZE_710xOne little chap was asleep so he just got tucked into his new blanket.

    11417781854?profile=RESIZE_710xSuch beautiful children, all with gorgeous eyes, in this settlement.

    11417781876?profile=RESIZE_710x Estelled packed about 20 of these teddies from KNIT FOR LIFE

    so that the children could get similar toys.

    11417801461?profile=RESIZE_710xThis little princess will love your blanket Cath Riley.

    11417807859?profile=RESIZE_710x11417816685?profile=RESIZE_710x11417822853?profile=RESIZE_710x11417822881?profile=RESIZE_710xThey can’t wait to have a go at those puzzles.

    11417820077?profile=RESIZE_710x11417841674?profile=RESIZE_710xA collection of apricot squares from Many contributors around the word that took Ages to get enough to make what turned into a really lovely blanket. I'm so happy to think of its soft squares warming this little person.

    11417839075?profile=RESIZE_710xThis is the one I put together. Edging ok. From Cath Riley collection of squares.

    11417855084?profile=RESIZE_710xShe Loved her blanket Cath Riley.



    He can’t believe it’s all his to take home and be warm tonight.

    11417904892?profile=RESIZE_710x11417907462?profile=RESIZE_710x11417916892?profile=RESIZE_710xA mixture of squares always makes beautiful, warm KAS blankets.


    11417969055?profile=RESIZE_710xA recently installed wash station at the Day Care Centre.


    • It's lovely to see all of these wonderful pictures and really touches my heart when I'm lucky enough to see little people with some of my blankets, thanks x

      • That warms my heart and inspires all Estelle and my efforts xx

    • Miss Elisa is a wonderful, beautiful, loving and caring lady. The daycare centre  as well as Miss Elisa show dignity and love.

      • Anneke she is an inspiration to all of us. 

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