12360193490?profile=RESIZE_710xThe first opening day for the KAS Barn in 2024 was January 9.  

This discussion will focus on all the weekly activities that take place on

Tuesdays as our volunteers gather together to open parcels, 

sort, organized, pack and distribute all things KAS.

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    • Busy day at the barn - good idea to iron those curly ones. 

  • From Ronda on April 25...

    What a productive day it was in the KASbarn today !
    Viv and Wandi 2 went out in the KASvan to collect blankets from a Gogo group, delivering more squares for sewing together, collect a LARGE supply of free distribution posters AND distribute to 70 children.
    Pics to see !
    Blankets for the day's distribution at Mulberry Daycare x 70
    With no post to open, Wandi tidied the storage room, graded and packed beanies and the two of us sorted, bundled and bagged all the baby items, ready for collection. They will go to two clinics in Soweto and to our old friend Sr Sue … for the neonatal section at Bara and new mums in general.
    12436177301?profile=RESIZE_584xLindi and Wandi
    12436177887?profile=RESIZE_584x12436177491?profile=RESIZE_584xCollection of 5 bags by Christina of Orange Farm.
    Christina’s bags …
    12436178888?profile=RESIZE_584xSmall collection for Hilda’s daycare.
    Shiela also came all the way from Orange Farm to collect her 40 x blankets and beanies
    12436180694?profile=RESIZE_584xLovely to unpack a parcel which we found, from our dear friend Trish Gribble !
    • Such dedication from you all. Even when it's not that busy, you all remain busy.

  • From April 23, Estelle reports...

    As it’s another beautiful highveld day we moved outside again to sort our squares for KNIT A SQUARE.
    There was no post but thankfully we were saved by Ronda bringing us two bags of Gogo squares yesterday, and a wonderful selection of squares from Antoinette Nothling's team.
     We are positive the post will start rolling in soon. Thanks to all our loyal contributors who keep it coming.
    Elaine was our model of the day as Sheldon couldn’t make our morning together…we all missed you Sheldon!
    Two of the 4 blankets from Antoinette.
    12435865090?profile=RESIZE_584x12435865477?profile=RESIZE_584xAbsolutely stunning…thanks Audrey for edging and sizing the balance of the squares in white.
    12435865854?profile=RESIZE_584xGorgeous…I have a feeling that these squares are from Mary Bostock.
    12435865888?profile=RESIZE_584xAbsolutely stunning! One of the blankets from Liz.
    12435866258?profile=RESIZE_584xI love this one…thanks Elaine for all the extra squares you made for this blanket. Hope you can spot the little car in the center, might be from Sharon B.
    Show and tell is about all we have to share with you.
  • From Ronda and The Barn on April 11...

    Yesterday, April 11 was an extremely busy and labour intensive day in the KASbarn.
    First off we discovered a small leak in the roof of the storage room, right above a few open bags of blankets which Wandi and Wandi 2 were wanting to load in the van for their second distribution in Thembisa!
    12429110270?profile=RESIZE_584xYou can see the damp patch … 💧
    12429110878?profile=RESIZE_584xTwo Wandi’s discussing the route to Thembisa.
    12429114671?profile=RESIZE_584xWandi helping to pack the van.
    We are assured it will be fixed soon … it’s unusual for the Highveld to have the kind of heavy downpour we experienced earlier in the week - so close to our DRY winter weather !!
    Definitely much cooler already.
    12429111271?profile=RESIZE_584xWilma standing next to her group’s gorgeous blankets.  
    Blankets with matching beanie and hand warmer sets … she even brought her husband David along to help.
    12429111292?profile=RESIZE_584xLovely lightweight, soft blankets.
     Building the “cake”, thanks Lindi and Viv.
    Blanket cake duly built, each blanket photographed and packed for distributio
    And what a treat to see our amazing Wilma Gilson with over 100 beautifully made!
    12429111694?profile=RESIZE_584xViv having a “junior” moment.
    12429112096?profile=RESIZE_584x12429113059?profile=RESIZE_584xLindi and Viv enjoying tea and eats
    12429114079?profile=RESIZE_584xChecking on the few blankets which needed drying out.
    • Sorry to hear about the leak, hope all is well now; you are an amazing team! I was so pleased to see the corner of one of my blankets on the blanket cake in the first photo.

    • Three cheers for all you lovely ladies and helpful gentlemen.

      You all work so hard and always with a smile on your face.

  • From Estelle on April 9...

    We have moved inside for our fortnightly KNIT-A-SQUARE get together as the chilly weather has suddenly crept upon us.
    As there was no post to open…we pooled our odd squares and were able to make a few bundles till there is more post.
    12426532697?profile=RESIZE_584xLiz, Sheldon and Audrey
    I’m always amazed how many beautiful blankets Liz and Audrey manage to make in two weeks.
    12426533295?profile=RESIZE_584xBeautiful squares knitted from La vie Nouvelle and our very own Sheldon holding up Audrey’s blanket.
    Thanks for re knitting and sizing squares for us Audrey.
    12426533693?profile=RESIZE_584xThe March theme - AT THE BEACH.
    The picture squares arrived promptly and combined with some from Elaine and others we have a stunning sea side blanket.
    Thanks Liz and all who contributed.
    12426534461?profile=RESIZE_584xOne oa Audrey's blankets, the car is from Sharon B.
    12426534295?profile=RESIZE_584xAda's famous tractor in on of Liz's blankets.
    12426534664?profile=RESIZE_584xWe wonder who made that cute little lion.
    12426535076?profile=RESIZE_584xLove these flowers your friend makes Liz.
    12426535090?profile=RESIZE_584xThanks Elaine for making the extra squares and hearts for my blanket.
    12426535660?profile=RESIZE_584xMy second blanket I would love to know who made these beautiful squares. The colors are exquisite. 
    We missed you Elaine.
    • Hello Rhonda, Estelle   I have just had a large bag of blankets returned to me  the usual Bryanston PO address has been crossed out.  Do you now have a different PO address. It appears my parcel reached SA before being returned to Australia.  I sent another parcel of 17 blanket's yesterday before I was aware of this.  Kind regards Sue Leverton 
    • Thanks for your messages this morning Sue. Ronda has written an enquiry to the Bryanston PO and asked the Postmaster to investigate it. 
      As I mentioned this morning we received large parcels from Australia in March so there shouldn't be a problem. 

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