Sugar for my honey........

This month we will be looking at all things sweet....... By which I mean sweets, candy, chocolate, bonbons and confectionery.

I am sure we can all look back to the sweets of our childhood and reminisce. My favourites were:

Yorkshire Mixtures 

Parma Violets

Liquorice Allsorts.

How about you? What were your favourites? Gum Drops? Chewing gum? American Hard Gums? Chocolate peanuts and raisons?

Have you noticed all the glorious colours of sweets? I am sure that when I was a child a lot came from sources we would never use today - but there were vibrant pink bubble gums and bright yellow and red rhubarb and custard sweets, Smarties came is a variety of lovely colours. What about the Jazzy and snowy sweets - chocolate buttons with multi coloured decorative balls on them?

If you live in the UK you will be familiar with the idea of a stick of rock from the seaside. This is a hard, boiled sugar candy often with stripes round the outer edge and writing through the centre with name of the seaside resort.

As an adult I have encountered Reeses Pieces with their distinctive yellow, brown and orange shells. Marshmallows are now all pink and white. Milka chocolates with their mauve wrappers and lovely image of the cows on the front first entered my life as a treat from the airport!

What about the wrappers? Cadbury chocolate can easily be recognised by its distinctive purple wrapping. Galaxy chocolates all have that swirl of luxurious chocolate colour on the label.

Well I hope you have plenty of pictures in your mind to get started on some great striped, spotted, lovely coloured squares for August.........


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  • Wow, so many chocolate options!!! I feel soo nostalgic right now; all my childhood memories of indulging in delicious chocolates just flashed in front of my eyes.. the one chocolate that I really loved as a kid were those big chocolate bars - you can find something similar here.

  • August 2020 Theme - Sweets for my Sweet

    Inspired by Allens Strawberry and Cream lollies....yum!!

    • Another tasty treat.  I really like these diagonal squares made with variegated yarns.

    • I love these squares Bev...don’t know the sweets but they look yummy. 

    • Beautiful squares, Bev. I think this theme could run and run ...

    • Gorgeous squares, Bev, reminds me of a bowl of strawberries where the cream gets tinged with pink from the juices. Delicious!

    • I love your strawberries and cream squares Bev, I haven’t heard of the lollies, but I’m guessing I’d like those too :))

      • Definitely, Chris. Soft, a little spongey.......yum!!  :))

    • Yummy wool.... Yummy sweets, great choices, Bev ❤️

    • They sound interesting - not a sweet I am familiar with......... The squares they inspired are fab.  They look nice and warm.

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