We will explore different CELEBRATIONS that are uniquely South African throughout the month.

We hope that you join the journey to see other

aspects of South Africa; heritage, food, music and traditions.

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    This blanket was made by a good friend Pat who usually crochet borders my blankets.   She took delight in making all of the coloured squares in different stitches.   I felt she revelled in looking up lots of stitches and patterns that she had never tried before.   A triumph worth celebrating!

    • Well done Pat, your endeavour has produced so many colourful, interesting squares in this blanket. Your borders on Karen’s blanket’s are always the icing on Karen’s well made cakes!

      • Good on ya', Pat!! A DELIGHTFUL collection of colour and texture, which one lucky little one is going to enjoy.  :))

    • That's my sort of celebration - I love finding new patterns to try. Well done, Pat.

    • What a good idea and what a lovely blanket as a result.

    • What  a joy it is to read about this blanket, Karen.   So glad Pat enjoyed the process and hope she wants to continue.   It really is a joyful learning experience for us crafters, with the added benefit of a warm blanket at the end!

    • At true celebrations for sure.  I lesson on crochet stitches and how every color under the rainbow goes together.

      Please thank Pat for all of us at KAS>

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    Late additions to this theme but my time has been very restricted lately.

    Firstly some hats and a pair of handwarmers based around the CoM colour green.

    The blanket is made with 5 balls of Bonus Buzz interspaced with some black aran stripes which firm the shape together well, then a knitted border and the final flourish is a crocheted border done by a very good friend.

    • I love this blanket, blocks of variegated + black stripes = a beautiful, bold blanket :))
      The hats and hand warmers are a very welcome addition too!

      • This is a striking blanket, Karen!! LOVE the combination of variegated with the solid black stripes...really makes it pop!!....and all those hats???....knitting in your sleep again, I see.  :))

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