• I really love this pattern!Very eye catching!

    • 4 more beauties!

    • Both sets of squares are beautiful but I prefer the dark ones too. 

      • These are GORGEOUS, Patricia!!

        I have faves in both the dark and light sets. They ar all just SO pretty!!

  • Been doing some road trips lately and was busy making grannies...


    • Two lovely, cheerful blankets, great use of colours and your travel time 👍

    • Amy, your blankets are beautiful! Especially the first one!

    • These are gorgeous.   You must have covered a lot of kilometres!    I especially appreciate the use of some variegated in one of them Amy, very clever x

    • What a tremendous use of your travelling time, Amy. Both fabulous - I really can't pick a favourite.

      • Two GLORIOUS blankets, Amy!! GREAT colours.

        Think my fave is the left one.....could it be the splashes of pink?...haha. Love the randomness of the many colour combos.

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