• What a marvelous give and you have done her proud with these beauties.


      • Gorgeous colours in these lovely hats 👍

    • Karen, thanks to you And your friend several children will be happy to have such beautiful hats. 

    • Thank you so much Jo - and Karen! I hope she gets to see these beauties in distribution photos.

    • Lovely hats and such a pretty yarn!

      • Totally agree with Rachel....that yarn is YUMMY!!!

        Good on ya', Karen!! GREAT hats.  :))


  • Patricia and Amy. The only thing I can say is WOW to both of you.

  • You are making quite the collection!  Make 35 of different colors and you will have a KAS blanket....just kidding,  perhaps you have enough in your stash for that.

    (Unfortunately I docool

    • I'd have enough colours but I've run out of the sparkly silver. I'll let Estelle and her merry band choose what to do with them!

  • Working through my stash I made another set in lighter colours. These are fine but I prefer the dark ones.


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