Over the years this has been a regular theme: a sign of freshness, beauty and hope, bringing colour and warmth to our KAS kids.

I confess to being a hopeless

 knitter. Crochet is more in my line. Fortunately here at Knit-a-Square we are all welcomed with open arms

Combining both techniques can also be fun, sewing appliqué crochet onto a knit base for example, or appliqués 

onto a crochet square.

Please don’t worry if a little veggie sneaks in. It will be welcome among the fruit and flowers.

Finally we would have no fruit, flowers or veggies without the help of the sun, rain and friendly insects.

Don't forget that February's colour is ORANGE

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  • Just slipping in under the radar...haha. Did have the (double) square knitted in Feb, just ran out of time yesterday to sew everything on. This orange is a little more muted....kinda like an apricot shade.

    February 2023 Theme - Fruit and Flowers

    Apple + tree = apple tree. :))

    • Fun fun fun.   Love the jazzy colourways ♥️

    • This is gorgeous, Bev. Thank you.

    • Brilliant idea, Bev, and another lovely shade of orange.

    • Oh I do like this double square, it is so perfectly stitched, a great idea Bev! :)

    • What a clever idea, Bev.   A treat for the eyes, and a teaching set all in one.   You should give yourself an extra treat, too!

    • Wow, Bev, this double square is aa treasure!  Very bright to add zing to a blanket, and your perfect duplicate stitching (along with your special appliques) is always a treat ... xo

  • Once more, THANK YOU ALL for your gorgeous squares and photos. I have enjoyed hosting this theme very much.

  • 3 Spice, 4 Clementine and 1 pair handwarmers in COM. Blanket with a spice surround


    • WowZa!  Diane you have been very busy.   Your squares are delicious, and the blanket is stunning.   Take care to not overdo your newly healed injury, but keep these beauties coming, please.

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