After visiting Salvation Daycare, Ellen quickly directed us along our way to the Foundation Daycare, a much smaller and very newer facility for around 20 children, ably cared for by Anna.


Along the way we photographed a bunch of children loitering in the street, waving at the KASvan and shouting "umlungu !" which means "white person !" - evidently not a common sight in their neck of the woods !



These children of Foundation Daycare were obviously still new to their surroundings, so were less outgoing than the previous group - but we notice more and more how popular the KAScuddlebugs have become.




Towards the end of this group of pics you will notice a little girl wearing

a pink T-shirt who was chatting to her KAScuddlebug and she actually said, in perfect English, "I love my bug, I am going to take him home and keep him forever" ... as she was twisting him around her neck and kissing him and laying her face against him. So touching !


All the photographs from this distribution are now available on :

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  • I am wondering if the KAS Cuddlebugs are so popular with the children because, not only are they very cuddly, but they are also a fantasy creature and the children face enough cold hard realities that these Cuddlebug fellows and girls make a welcome escape for them?

    The pictures are super and that last little girl's comments make me want to start on a Cuddle bug right away! I can't but I will soon, I promise! I have lots of bits and bobs of yarn that would make excellent Cuddlebugs.

  • It certainly does make one want to go and make lots of bugs. how much pleasure one small toy can give to a child.

  • Woohoo! I see several of my bugs here. What a thrill to see the children receiving them. Just flew back into Australia yesterday after 5 weeks in Italy. Itching to get the needles clicking again.
    • Great to have you back on the forum Susanne...hope you've had a wonderful time in Italy. How lovely to come back to photos of the children holding your Cuddlebugs.. :)))
    • Congrats Susanne....the children just love the KAScuddlebugs, don't they??!!

      I hope you had a lovely time in Italy.  :))

      Thanks Diana for your reply to Irene.  :))

  • Awwwww, how darling!  I was thinking of trying cuddlebugs next, perhaps on a knitting loom as I go faster on that...I think I can translate the pattern over easy enough.  What that little one said, how precious is that.  Oh my, how inspiring to make them more toys.  Lovely photos, thanks so much!

    • Hi I'm new to the forum I'm Irene and I live in northern Ireland I've lots of beanie hats and handwarmers not sure how to send them I love knitting they might not be 100 per cent but they're made with love wd be grateful if anyone cd help me have the address but it's the custom thing don't know how to get the forms to put in the parcel thank you
      • Hi Irene,

        If you go to this page - - it will take you to the page on the knit a square website that gives you all the postal details. About two thirds of the way down the page it says 'Packing Slip Discussion' in red. If you click on that, it will take you to the page that has the downloads for the packing slips.

        Hope that helps.

        Maria x

    • I've been putting all knitted KASBug photos in an album and see that the little girl who loved her Bug is holding one of Susanne Leverton's

  • Thanks Pam, it's great to see the children enjoying the cuddle bugs :))

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