Just wanted to say thanks everybody for welcoming me into this wonderful organisation! After picking up my knitting needles after 20 years, I made one square! (very rusty ha ha!) now I will have to re-learn my crocheting skills, I am really looking forward to making squares from all the fabulous patterns you ladies have posted.  Bye for now, time for crochet lessons to begin…..p.s. not sure if this is right place to put this post in, if not could someone steer me in the right direction? Thanks.

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  • Hello Eileen, welcome ( from Australia). I joined this amazing group from all over the world in Sept. Don't worry about "rusty". I am a knitter, but after seeing all thegorgeous crotchet work from so many members I dcided it is time to learn. So withon line help ( how did we ever manage without google) I have been teaching myself. I have had mixed results, and much pulling out of work, but I am getting there. I know the wonderful Gogo's who stitch the squares together will deal with some of my wonky edges.
    • Hi Susanne, thanks for the welcome.  It didn't take me long to get back in stride with my knitting, I have a few squares done, but as for my crocheting, I am definitely going to have to go back to square one!! Yes, thank goodness for the internet and YouTube! My only problem now is that I have been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome and my doctor told me I have to give my knitting away! I remember now why I stopped knitting 20 or so years ago, I was having problems with pain in my left wrist then and when I stopped knitting the pain went away.  I don't want to stop knitting, so now with my friend "Google" I will do some research on how to cope with CTS and my knitting.  Wish me luck!! :-)

      • Hello again Eileen, with your carpal tunnel I wonder if it would be worth trying a knitting loom..I have never used one, but after seeing some of the results from loom knitting I have ordered a set on line as I thought it might be easier on the 14 hour bus trip to my daughter, and 8 hour bus trip to my mum, than using needles....might be worth a try for you
        • Hi Susanne, I hadn't thought of looming!, have no idea what it is, looks like another search via my friend Google, ha ha! will definitely have a browse, thanks for the info.

  • Hello Eileen and welcome to KAS! Lovely to 'meet' you! And please don't worry about being a little rusty, you'll be back into the swing of things in no time. I learnt to knit when I was in primary school, but stopped somewhere in my early teens. I started again about six years ago, after my youngest was born and after a near 20 year break. I wanted to make cardigans and clothes for her but I didn't have any equipment or patterns and I remember walking past the yarn store in our town several times, with Molly in her pram, too scared to go into the shop as the rows of different yarn, needles and tools looked so daunting and I had no idea what I needed!! Lol.

    But I'm so glad I did as I found KAS at around the same time and have met so many lovely people here and have slowly picked it all up again.

    2015 is the year of the 'plain jane' - we're celebrating squares made in a single colour, in a simple stitch such as garter stitch or single crochet, but have different challenge themes each month and there are lots of lovely patterns in the KAS pattern book. It takes all types of squares to make a blanket.

    Looking forward to seeing some of your work! Good luck wit the crochet lessins and Happy New Year. x

    • Hello Eileen, my experience is similar to yours and Karen's. I too learned as a child, stopped in my teens, had a flurry of Aran sweaters in the '70s and then did no more until my new and very young daughter-in-law asked if I could knit as  she wanted to learn.  We had to go and buy a ball of yarn which I can't imagine now as the house is full of the stuff. I discovered KAS at this time, 2009, and I haven't stopped knitting since. It took me years to learn how to crochet but  I'm glad I did.

      This is such a friendly and supportive group of people and you will make friends, worldwide. If you have any queries there is always someone happy to help and yes, we would love to see photos of your work when you're ready.

      Happy New Year and lovely to have you with us.

  • Thanks Eileen, we are certainly glad to you have you on board - rusty or not!  Have moved this post into the Meeting You & Personal Blogs discussion pages. Don't forget to post your own photograph of squares on the Photo tab - the members just love to ooh&aaaah over everyone's work!

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