Welcome to our first 'themed' month for 2024.......
When thinking of diagonals, I liken it to climbing a mountain (or maybe a small hill. I'm afraid of heights!). You can go quickly at the bottom (short rows)....but then as you near the 'summit', the 'path' takes longer....until there you are... 'at the top' (finished increasing your stitches) and then you're laughing, 'cos now it's downhill (decreasing stitches) all the way.....and by the time you approach the finish line, you're practically sprinting (through those last, ever-decreasing rows)!!
Stripes, in all manner, including diagonal stripes, create some of THE most snazzy and interesting blankets. They are also a good way to use up any little leftovers you may still have, hanging around from other projects....Thin stripes, thick stripes, diagonal stripes....all fun, all pretty, all GREAT!!
Let's start the year off with a BANG!!
CoM (colour of the month) is...


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    • Now that really POPS.....love it! 

    • Fabulous choice of yarn, Bev.   The neon stripe adds such a happy pop of color, the children will be gleeful.   Can't wait to see the finished blanket, but No Pressure!


    • This is going to be fantastic, Bev. It's fascinating how the squares knit up so differently.

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     A very generous KAS Sister sent me some Aldi ombre cakes a couple of years ago.   This theme seemed an appropriate opportunity to knit it up.    The variegated is aran ply so I teamed it with a putty coloured DK.   Knit on 7.5mm needles in one piece.   Bordered in a toning brown aran.   No 88.

    • Lovely soothing colours, Karen.

      • Yes, Soothing and calming.  Beautiful and warm, too.

    • Another gorgeous blanket Karen 👍

    • This is so lovely.  

      • STUNNING stripes, Karen!! LOVE this colour combo.  :))

  • The last of my upside down squares.Hopefully I can sort out the problem before next month.12369192484?profile=RESIZE_400x

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