• Amy , you should be so proud of your squares. They are outstanding. I can't pick a favourite,but those sea horses sure are cute.

  • Celebrating free patterns and Chris's water theme.

    12737214856?profile=RESIZE_584xPufferfish may get some coral.


    Some more starfish for under the sea and on the sand.


    • Fabulous squares Amy.   I love the smiling faces on the starfish.  And the seahorses clinging to their little bit of sea grass.  So clever.

    • Brilliant squares and panels, Amy. A real treat for the children who find them in their blankets.

  • Great squares Patricia . They will look wonderful in a Xmas Blanket.

  • Good and Evil Granny Squares in Christmas colours.


    • These are fun squares.  Your imagination has been working overtime!

    • No evil here, at all, just good in two colors making happy and charming squares.

      • Wow!! These are GORGEOUS, Patricia!!

        I am no crocheter and I just can't work out how you get what looks like a definitive half and half diagonal, but then also have the white sections running round and through it, too....mind bending....hahaha.

  • BEAUTIFUL blues in your blanket, Chris!!

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