• Bev, I've just read through all your comments. Good to have you back.

  • The Unforeseen

    Hearts Galore

    The completed blanket was unforeseen at the beginning.  My plan was to knit a blanket of hearts, then I thought I could send a message of love.  My second unforeseen moment was that when I knitted LOVE, I would have 13 balls of yarn tangled around my legs and feet.


    • What a masterpiece, Sandra. I trust you don't have cats as I think they would have a field day with all those balls of yarn!

    • Sandra’s amazing blanket....


      • Another lovely blanket, Sandra with a great message. 

      •  It sounds like this blanket has been a labour of LOVE.   Tremendous ideas + beautifully made - you're very good + prolific at this blanket designing!   Very well done. ❤️

      • Wow what a beautiful blanket Sandra. 

      • Sandra, your blanket is absolutely gorgeous, the thought of all those balls of wool on the go! You certainly have created a blanket of love :))

  • This is much larger than I originally intended, I miscalculated and had to add a border as it was 2" too narrow and 2.5" too long and I ran out of the lighter grey Yarn . It's 32x 24, equivalent to 12 squares. I've had this pattern bookmarked for ages, in fact I cross stitched something similar years ago. To top off my week my iPad suddenly went blank and I've had to send it back, luckily it's still under warranty.


    • Absolutely fabulous Marion. I love the size and the colours you have used. 

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