Knit a Square, with the help of others has been able to get blankets, toys, beanies and hand-warmers to children this month.

Here are photos from resent distributions that Athele has been able to get to us.

Please note, it takes special permits and permission to be able to get items to people.  South Africa is still in lock down mode and things are still very restricted.

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  • What a special distribution. So good that it could take place! And I spot some of the Izzydolls I sent...

    • Your Izzydolls are a win all round Ada. 

  • I swear I recognise some of these squares!

  • It is so marvellous to see the kids wit their blankets - some snuggled up straight away to get warm!  Thank you so much to those who did the distribution.  It is so worrying - and must be so frustrating for you all - that the need is there more than ever, but it is so hard to go do the distributions.

  • Some stunning photos from a distribution on June 10:

    Athele writes:

    Unrelenting hard lock down, made so much brighter by these images just in from Courtney Greene who kindly took 34 bundles of loving care from Knit a Square, each square in a blanket, soft cuddly toy and beanie representing a long chain of love from around the world with the circle completed today thanks to her and her team who added our goodies to a distribution of food into an exceptionally impoverished, unsupported community on the west Rand called Fleurhof. 17 of the 34 blankets given today were ones I made during lock down, the other half from Estelle and her marvelous tea, so that makes this one extra special for us.


    • Both sad and sweet. A picture really is worth a thousand words.

    • How we've missed seeing distribution photos! Such colour. A massive thank you to everyone who made this happen.

    • Makes all the knitting, crocheting and sewing so worthwhile.   Thank you for this article + photographs.

    • Thank you all for ‘going the extra mile’ during these very difficult times.

      • Do you see your blanket on the edge of the pic Chris? 5th from the bottom.

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