MNCP is a KAS Connects Partner.  Often times we work with other organizations to help us distribute KAS items.  This year, more than ever we have worked closely with some of these organizations.

Here is the Forum link to the KAS Connects discussion:

Recently MNCP has had two distributions with KAS items.  The hand-warmer distribution can be found in the KAS Connects Discussion.

This is a distribtution in Ezinketheni Informal Settlement on November 16.

Thank you to all our amazing KNIT-A-SQUARE Friends from around he world for the beautiful, colourful blankets, hand-warmers and soft toys.

We were able to distribute these to 50 children on the outskirts of the Ezinketheni Informal Settlement yesterday. They were so happy to receive these wonderful gifts that will keep them warm and cozy during the cold weather. Everyone loves receiving gifts, and even more so for these precious children many of whom are orphaned and are being cared for by their grandmothers.

Special thanks to Athele for choosing MNCP to do the distribution.

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  • Thank you for posting these beautiful and inspiring photo.  This is what it's all about !  :)  

  • Fabulous pictures!  I'm always amazed at how beautiful the blankets look when made up. 

  • Thank you to MNCP, Athele and all those involved in this special distribution.Thanks Amy for sharing these wonderful photos. It’s great to see the children with their blankets and toys.

    I was thrilled to see my tractor, train engine and fire engine squares in the first photo :))

    • I thought that was your Chris. I just haven't had a chance to research it.

      Deborah Anderson Fleming's astronaut is in this group, too.

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    • Thanks, Amy, for all these wonderful photos of the children, it’s always a joy to see them and the work of the KAS members.

    • Well done and thank you for this terrific news, and of course the photographs are an added bonus - especially so as I see many of the toys my good friends have mailed over this summer.   Your speedy organisation and distributions is to be applauded too.   Love, Kx

    • So many lovely blankets and toys. Good to see them being distributed to the children.

    •  It is wonderful to see Astronaut Mae Jemison in the hands of a child that will certainly make it a Action Figure. LOL.. Thank you so much for the notification Amy. 

      Be safe everyone. 

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