• Hi Gloria

    what a lovely, lovely surprise to see my parcel of blankets shown here.

    i love reading the monthly Snippets each and every month.


  • Thank you all for your lovely comments!  It's nice to know that you enjoyed our parents' and grandparents' wisdom as much now as we did back then :))  I remember when that was coming together and how much fun we had ... xo

    • Another great and interesting snippets Gloria. Thanks for all good wishes to enjoy our Freedom Day. We seem to be swamped with public holidays at the moment...great for us to relax but not for our economy at the moment. 
      Loved your KAS in a nutshell Chris it’s brilliant! 

  • Phew,  I'm bang up to date now.    Thoroughly enjoyed the Wisdom from our Grandparents discussion.     It must have passed me by at the time as I don't recall reading it before.    The rest of Snippets is an amazing collection of varied and interesting information which I'm grateful for you putting together so succinctly, Kxx

  • I've just read through the Wisdom from our Grandparents and was reminded of a time at Primary School when we were told to ask our parents and grandparents to help us compile a list of proverbs and sayings. I thought I'd done quite well with my list but my friend Jenny had masses more than anybody else in the class so I think she must have had a grandmother like Anne's!

  • Thank you Glo.  I love the quotes that you inserted this month.  And Chris, I love your tribute to KAS. Happy Freedom Day to all our volunteers in SA.

  • Thank you Glo for another interesting Snippets, I love seeing the notification email in my inbox! Well, I just walked down memory lane and revisited ‘Wisdom from our grandparents’, I found myself chuckling a lot! It was lovely to connect with Anne again through one of her fun discussions..... she had a great sense of humour! x

    • Chris, your KAS in a Nutshell is great.  I've been told we should use it more often.  I agree!  Poster size on display at sale tables while raising postage funds seems like a super idea ... xo

      • Thank you Glo, I’m chuffed that some folk think it could be useful! x

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