There have been several distributions this month.  Tuesday outings with Themba to Soweto, Athele making the long trek north to Pafuri, and more.

You can see the photos of children wrapped in KAS blankets, with toys, beanies and hand-warmers, all provided by our wonderful worldwide contributors.

See more photos in the discussion here.


Our Theme for September is titled Colour Memories and

Karen Gordon has done an incredible job of hosting.

Some of the contributor memories include;

Blues hues inspires by the sky and sea near Greece,

Flowering Sweet Peas growing on a trellis,

Running through fallen autumn leaves,

Gingham school uniforms and pretty summer dresses,

A striped jumper, and so much more.  

Please visit this discussion to see a wonderful array of memories and Color of the Month Gray squares.

Friendship Memories

The River Johns Square Knitters asked Estelle to stitch together squares they had made in honor of their dear friend Marilyn.  Here is the blanket and some thoughts from Glo.

Special thanks to you, Estelle, for turning our squares into this gorgeous blanket to honour our dear friend Marilyn.  We are extremely thrilled with the result!

FYI, we used to have mountains of yarn donated to us and more often than not there was more white than anything else.  Everyone would choose some to make squares, but invariably the white would be the last to be chosen.  Our dear Marilyn would always tell us, "Use the white, too!"  She was one of the very first RJSK and a definite treasure. I just know that the white squares in this blanket would make her smile :)

And yes, Estelle, I Tunisian crocheted the centre doll panel.  Marilyn used to make the cutest little dolls.  We called her our Doll Lady :)  Here she is with some of her "little people".


So much has been going on in the Barn this month.  

There have been Tuesday distributions.

The largest post ever received in one week,

collections fees alone were over $1,200.

Twenty large boxes were received from the UK.

Several boxes from Croatia finally found their way to the Barn.

Volunteers sorted, counted, took photographs, packed squares for the gogos, build a blanket cake, packed blanket for distributions and more.

Estelle has given us amazing recaps of the events. 

You do not want to miss this discussion:


Have you you taken a peak into The Blanket Room this month?

September has been full of color, top stitch designs, appliques, picture squares, diagonals, stripes, PJs and so much more.  

You really need to see all these lovely creations from our contributors and our gogos.  Many thanks to the team in South Africa for providing us with all the photos found in this discussion.


Please check out this discussion as our very own Karen Gordon is working every pattern from the our new free book found in the KAS Shop.  

From Karen:

Initially when I looked through the patterns I thought I'd just do a few starting at No 1 and see how far I got.   But, being honest, reading through more of the patterns, I realised there were a LOT of techniques I've never seen or even heard of - which makes this challenge a real challenge for me........!    I have also realised that some of the pictures weren't clear for me to recognise the patterns either - so the more I do the more clear photos others can follow/copy etc.   

The other real trial is that I am trying small tension squares for myself first in DK wool and different needle sizes......then adapting stitch counts for 8".  

All in all my intention is to tackle them in numerical order, until I get stuck, then I'll maybe have to miss a few to go back to when I I have time at the end timewise.    This is certainly a challenge that I'm pleased to have some $$ and friendly support with!

Members are pledging to sponsor each new square that Karen makes and posts from the pattern book.  So far she has over $20/square.

You can find the discussion HERE.

The Patterns HERE.

Karen's Photo Album HERE.


The August Squares List is available.

Monthly totals:

During August we opened 275 parcels containing 15.480 squares, equal to 442 blankets.
Many other items were received, such as hats, hand-warmers, go-overs, cuddly toys and other goodies.

Please note that more than 275 parcels have arrived, the last day of August brought lots of activity to the Barn and mountains of post, but there was no time to open all parcels, for your interest please take a look at discussion page "The Barn 2021" , if not yet recorded on the Squares List maybe you can spot your items or parcels there. See Amy's message of September 2, on page 21 of the discusssion page. Here is the link:



Please find below the squares list as an attachment:  2021 AUGUST SQUARES LIST.pdf and click on it to open it:


Hi-de-hi everyone!    My goodness the mail is still rolling into The Barn at an alarming rate.   The volunteers in South Africa have been push to, and beyond, their limits for weeks now - What a tremendous amount they have opened and sorted....!!!

Applause, applause too that so many distributions have been achieved!   Hooray! the children will be feeling the love and warmth through our giving and making.

This does however mean the need for supporting the shop remains as important as ever.     There is still great need for help in keeping the motor running and coverage of the PO expenses too.  

Please too remember, when in store that the 35 Squares Make A Blanket booklet is FREE to download for everyone.    When I have taken time to put my feet up and enjoy a cup of tea and a slice of cake, I have read through all the marvelous design patterns.   What a selection!    Why not push yourself and try out a different design from your usual styles....??

Ta-ta now crafters.   Please do stop by the Shop and give me a little wave on your way through the checkout - I promise to wave back if you do!!!

Auntie Nellie xx xx

Leanne has finished Season 2 of Knit A Square Podcast with 16 episodes. 

All the episodes can be found in the discussion

 KAS PODCAST Season Two.

 Leanne has spoken with contributors from all around the world and shows us how we are all united to make a difference in the lives of the children of South Africa, as well as the benefits we receive by making items to send.


Since the theme this month was Colour Memories, we thought we would visit a discussion from 2018, We Are Decorating A Memory Tree.

This was a fundraiser for KAS, but the memories in this discussion are delightful and might get you in the holiday season early as well as bring a tear to your eye.

October Theme
Waiting To Be Chosen
Have you, like me, had yarn in your stash for a very long time, just waiting to be chosen, but you have passed over it in favour of other, newer yarn?
Well, October could be the month when this yarn has it’s chance to shine and be chosen to help warm a child in SA, or perhaps even make a toy! Appliqués or small needlepoint pictures may be at the bottom of your work basket too, so please dig them out, they have been waiting to be chosen too! 

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  • Another great edition of Snips, thank you so much, Amy.

  • What a wonderful worldview of KAS activities, and just in one month.  Thank you Amy for pulling it all together.

  • A very informative issue, Amy. Can I just query the request for clear packing tape? I always use brown parcel tape - does that cause a problem?

    • Brown is fine, we just want it sealed nice and tight.

  • Thank you so much Amy for this beautiful edition. So much interesting news to read, there is so much going on, lots of activities, I so appreciate it.  

  • Thanks Amy for gathering together current discussions and news; it’s when I see them together I realise how much is going on for KAS (and of course for the children) around the world!

    The last words in Snips made me think of a few people I know, who have no idea that they make the world a better place by just being in it and being kind to others.

    Seeing the Christmas Memory Tree again tugged at my heart strings as I saw the names of my parents and grandparents on baubles.  Not only was it a good fund raiser, but it was a lovely way to remember loved ones at Christmas; my parents and grandparents would have been delighted that donations in their memory would enable vulnerable children to be warmer and cuddle soft toys.

    I know KAS doesnt like to keep asking members for much needed funds, but the Memory Tree was special, and personally I would be happy to see it again this year.

This reply was deleted.