May 2016 be filled with Peace and Goodness,

surrounding you with the warmth and love of family ...

... KASfriends ...

... and yarn!


We have a few **NEW** items for you in this edition.

Make sure to read through to the end so you don't miss anything!



This was our first visit ever to Bushkoppies, an area on the main N12 highway to the South Western mining areas of Gauteng and on the route I take every time to get to Lindi and Wandi's homes in Soweto.

It took us a long while to actually find Happy Feet due to it being our first visit ... and to another mishap which I will tell you about!

Ronda has given us another of her informative (and amusing) reports.  This time she tells us about her visit to


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** NEW ** NEW ** NEW **


There's a new discussion on the Forum and we're hoping you will all take a peek and chime in now and then. You can find it here.

The purpose of this discussion is to get your feedback and comments. It is sort of a "customer survey" that will help us improve the shop on an ongoing basis. This is your Shop, so ideas and suggestions are more than welcome.

What are your favourite items? What would you like to see in the Shop?

The income from the KAS Shop goes a long way in enabling the team in South Africa to carry on the vital work of wrapping vulnerable children in snuggly blankets made by our members.  We have introduced several new items in the past few weeks and there are more to come in the near future. New items in the Shop will be highlighted in this discussion.

We will occasionally focus on a "product of the month" and we hope to share with you a monthly overview of what is selling and what is not.


Several new notecards have just arrived in the KAS Shop!  We have now added six variations on an absolutely charming BABY CONGRATULATIONS card, plus three new sets of "blank inside" notecards:  a set of four cards we call the GROUP SERIES; a six-card set we call the PORTRAIT SERIES; and a delightful six-card set - the TOY SERIES - which features toys made for our KASchildren by members of the Forum.

If you are using an iPad to view these cards, please don't dismay.  While they may not show in their full beauty on your screen, when printed, each card will look exactly as it does in the Shop.



The new Bryanston Post Office is open, our packages are arriving, and the volunteers have the shelves full of color and warmth again!

If you make a habit of following Sorted in South Africa, there is a strong possibility that, from time to time, you will spot some of your squares in the hands of our volunteers!

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Visit http://www.knit-a-square.com Click on “Received Squares”  

The December squares list has the fabulous number of 12,364 squares!  Packages are coming through again.  The Gogos will be able to make 353 blankets.  They will be more than happy sewing through the summer months in preparation for the cold weather.  Thanks to the wonderful contributions of caring people around the world, 513 hats, 136 tops, 64 pairs of hand-warmers, and 61 toys were also received.

* * * * * * * * * *


After squares are sorted, bundled and packaged into blanket packs, they are ready to be distributed to those who will sew them into blankets.  Some of this work is done by our volunteers, while still more of our squares are distributed to Gogos who stitch them for us.  With funds received through your generous donations, Knit-a-Square is able to pay these ladies R10 [75 cents US; 50 pence UK] per blanket.  No, that doesn't sound like much, but it is amazingly empowering for the Gogo groups who are otherwise marginalized in many ways.   

 Check the Blanket Room Collection often and perhaps you will spot some your squares in these beautiful creations!

* * * * * * * * * *


This is where you will find the most heartwarming and delightful photographs of all ... your work in action and right where you intended it to be ... wrapped around a precious child.


Ronda and the team continue to bring us wonderful photographs of the children receiving their blankets, hats and garments, along with many story snippets of their experiences at the various places.  These photographs confirm to the world that by taking direct action our members are making a difference -

One Square at a Time!

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** NEW ** NEW ** NEW **

Check out Andrea's new KasBlog and Square up for Knit-a-Square South Africa!


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Hats – crochet and knit patterns

[Crochet hat pattern from the KAS Pattern book]

Besides cozy blankets, the children need warm hats to protect their heads once the weather turns cold.

A trick to finding the correct size is to try it on your head…

 If the hat fits, it will fit a child.


Hats with a ribbed pattern work the best.  Even though they are fun and easy to make, we ask that you avoid square hats.  For some reason the children are ridiculed for having "ears"!

Crochet and knit hat patterns are found in

the KAS Pattern Book. 

* * * * * * * * * *

** NEW ** NEW ** NEW **

Because the population of KASville is growing so rapidly ... more and more of you generous and kindhearted people are moving in ... Ronda has provided us with a list of needed items along with a few changes in the way received items will be handled.

Please read Ronda's Wish List for valuable information.

Note about hand-warmers:  At present, we are running low and need more.  Remember, they must ‘hug’ the hand to be useful.

Also Please Note: The team in SA ask that when sending the Hand-Warmers, please place one inside the other for ease of distribution.

Patterns here:  The KAS Pattern Book


* * * * * * * * * *


With the latest addition of squares, the Van has been fueled up for the climb towards the Office.  It is already over half way to its final destination!    The ride should be faster now that we can send our parcels. 

Please continue to use the Bryanston address.


* * * * * * * * * *


2016 is "Color Their World" year!  Christine Chiplen in South Wales is giving us a real boost with her January theme, Our Beautiful World.  If you haven't joined us yet, there's still time!  Grab your yarn, hooks or needles, and perhaps some inspiration from your KASfriends.  Here is a sample of the gorgeous work that has been created so far.

PJs or fancy squares - it doesn't matter which you make.  Always remember ...


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The January 2016


is awarded to EDY SYQUER

edited by Susan Gillman

Click here to see more of Edy's adorable creations!

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** NEW ** NEW ** NEW **  

Glance Back, but Move Ahead

by Valerie Zalewski

For this first edition of KAS Snippets 2016, I wish to welcome you all to another year of "snippets", all the little bits of news and anecdotes that make KAS the warm friendly place that it is.

We would like to include a "Guest" article each month. Guidelines can be found [here] and we hope that you will feel free to submit something for inclusion in KAS Snippets.

I feel a little like the ghosts of past, present, and future rolled into one. As most of you know, KAS was started in 2009 by Ronda and her family, the idea being to knit squares that could be made into blankets to provide warmth and comfort to the very many orphaned and vulnerable children in South Africa.

These were the very first 2 parcels that Ronda received in 2009 ... [continue reading]

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