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On 23rd April this year, Wendy and I collected Wandi to drive to Braam Fischer Informal Settlement in Soweto, to visit "Buhlebemfundo" Day Care, run by Ntombi.

Just the day before, along the very route we were to take, a pregnant woman had been shot dead in front of her 7 year old son in an assumed hi-jacking, outside his school. Having recognised the site of this hijacking as being along our proposed route, Wandi had very kindly asked Ntombi to arrange a police escort for us to the creche......just in case.

To read full report : Buhlebemfundo Day Care 2015

Other recent reports :  Arise!


Sandy McDonald reports for KasCare :  

Yara Tlass from Watanili wrote to me with news and photographs of the distribution.  Some of the blankets as she explained will be taken directly into the war zone.  Her words are so heartwarming.

"We delivered the 'knit-a-square' blankets and hats to the most vulnerable displaced Syrian families on the Syrian/Turkish border. The reaction was so amazing and heart-warming.They were truly happy when we told them that these are hand-made and sent with love and care all the way from a beautiful community in South Africa.

To read the full report and see all the photographs 

please click here






Our initial goal was $1600.  The total raised by all the caring hearts who contributed is.............$2888.29!   That's enough to pay for sewing up 2888 blankets for the children.  What wonderful news !  Now Ronda can clear the square backlog and continue to have money to pay the Gogos.  Ronda says that because it is summer there and very hot, blanket sewing is difficult, but the work will get done and without any concern as to where she will find the money to pay the Gogos for quite some time.  So.........again, thank you to all.  We can take pleasure and pride in a job well done!

For further information please go to US Fundraiser


 Sharon Fennell started  Crowd Funding Page on the UK Group page to help keep the distributions going.

The U.K. Fundraiser page has now finished, we received £1205 pledges , plus £26 in cheques and also a further donation from my son's football club, which is about £70, so all in all about £1300 ($2000) for Knit-a-Square.

This means we have covered the distribution cost for over 225 children.

Thank you all so very, very much for your kind donations.



Christmas is coming !



Spread the word and send Season’s Greetings with our 

KAS Christmas cards

Downloadable  pdf.file which you can take to your print shop or print yourself at home :   4 pack of cards - $4.95USD here 

Have some hard-to-buy for people on your Christmas list?  We have the answer – KAS Donation Cards here  downloadable pdf.file

4 pack of cards - $4.95USD

They are simple, plain cards that have ample room for any message you wish to send. They also come with a separate insert that can be used.


The insert has a brief description of what KAS is about

and then goes on to say

My gift to you

( ) Today, I have made a purchase from the KasShop in your name and will be sending the following items ________________________________________ to our children in South Africa from you.

( ) Today, I have made a cash donation to Knit-a-Square in your name. These funds will be used to support our work with the children in South Africa.



Ronda with the help of the Moderator Team will be developing a Wish List for 2016. After several years of operation, now is the time to review how Knit-a-Square has been functioning and the way forward.

The entire Knit-a-Square operation used to function out of Ronda's living room and was often stored in hubby Peter's bar with the help of family and friends! Since 2009 the volume and variety of goods arriving is beginning to even outpace the volunteers based in the office. As an organisation we have grown rather organically and made many decisions from the heart. However, the variety of goodies being sent so generously is almost over-whelming

 Parcel 5            July 2015 Hats78-80            Handwarmers 50-51-52-53               Saint Germain 2015

Consequently, Ronda is asking that our major focus must be the items that impact greatly for the children. Knit-a-Square, will continue to distribute blankets, hats, hand-warmers and, of course, cuddly toys direct to the children!

 In order to stream-line the operation other items will be distributed by a respected third-party with previous connections to Knit-a-Square. Garments - jumpers, go-overs, vests will be distributed by Erica Lüttich from the Outreach Foundation. Erica did manage to send us some wonderful photographs of children wearing these garments, but this might not always be the case.

Baby items, including KasCuddles will be distributed by Hotel Hope and the Baragwanath Hospital Maternity Ward.

These decisions have not been taken lightly, but for the time being, they are a necessary step. Wendy, Ronda's wonderful side-kick is having to reduce the level of her commitment to KAS to focus on her own business and returning to full-time work as her daughter is attending University - and most of us know what that entails in terms of finance.

We will be discussing the nuts and bolts of the various issues, and, will issue the Wish List by the end of the year.


Please could we have more medium sizes hats - just below adult size. She has plenty of large hats in stock, but could do with a slightly smaller size - however, not too small please!

Jan's Beanies

Yarn - any oddments are very much appreciated for crocheting around the blankets to make them stronger.

Crochet Hooks metric size 4.00 mm  (US G/6 or UK/Canada 8) - again for the Gogos to crochet around the blankets. Plus the wonderful plastic needles that some members arrange to be sent from China.

Stash Update



 The Van is “on the road again” !  We have been given the green light to send our parcels which means the virtual Van is in motion.  Please add your squares total to the discussion to help the Van shift into high gear to reach the Office. 

To add your squares to the total: please click here




Sadly, there are still problems, and, the service has become rather erratic! These few parcels sitting in the middle of the floor are all that arrived this week............

On the plus side it did allow the volunteers to get some much needed tidying and those little 'to do' jobs that get set aside for when one has time!

The Bryanston PO is a flagship branch, which has no electricity as it is unable to pay its bill! The staff, who have become friends of KAS, are doing their best to keep a service flowing and are looking for smaller premises. Long term it does rather leave Knit-a-Square in limbo and all we can do is to keep members informed. The message is, keep sending, but add a prayer as well!



See more pics : Here





  Ronda : a lovely boy named Joseph was very forthcoming and he came back to choose his own blanket as the one Wandi had wrapped him in had PINK squares in it!! He specifically wanted a 'boy' blanket, but, he was happy with the hand warmers and beanie I handed to him. Then he spotted the big teddy with the Superman outfit on - his eyes nearly popped out of his head, it was love at first sight! I gave it to him and he hugged it to himself and said, "I love him so much - is he mine for always?" It was so touching, I could hardly speak.

Link to recent photographs



 Christine Johnson is back posting the blankets - thank goodness!

The Blanket Room Collection


for October 2015

Grannies & Garters

hosted by Susan Donaldson

has proved as popular as ever and we thank Susan for taking a sharing and lightening the load of the Moderator Team.

October 2015 Rainbow GrannyOctober theme - Half-and-Half Diagonals in GarterOctober theme - Granny squaresOCTOBER 2015 THEME - Grannies and GartersOct. Challenge19-23Diagonal gartersOctober Theme - Blue GranniesOctober Theme - Diagonal #2October 2015 Razzleberry Sparkle Granny28 Various coloured squaresOctober 2015 challengeOctober Theme 2015 - Grannies and Garters23/10/15 square no 5October Theme - half striped diagonal square - getting thereOct. Challenge 30Earlston Wed. Club 79-84October Theme - Grannies2015 October theme - Grannies and GartersOctober challenge 2015OCTOBER - GARTERS AND GRANNIES from River John Square Knitters

Here are some of the PJ's and other squares which will be needed to ensure these wonderful designs stand out!

October Theme -October Theme -Pink solids (2 squares)OCTOBER - GARTERS AND GRANNIES from River John Square Knitters2015 10

and here are some of the other goodies - hats & hand-warmers!

 Beanie No.3Hand Knitted Gloveshats - by Kay Collins - for CLMethodistHandwarmersHats by Evelyne Martin for Clear Lake Methodist

Link to theme of the Month discussion



NOVEMBER - Oceans/Land/Sky/Space - Valerie Zalewski supported by Linda Maltby

DECEMBER - Year End UFOs, Stash Busters, Plain Janes, Easy Peezies and other Favorites - Susan Haines

Themes for 2016 - help choose!

Bev has started a discussion for members to help select the Theme of the Month for 2016. Old favourites are likely to be in the running, but it would be lovely to have some additional suggestions. 

Without a doubt, the 'Themes' help spur members onwards and upwards in order to keep the squares coming and providing the children's blankets with creative and interesting squares!

Link for the Themes for 2016 discussion


by Linda Maltby

The September Squares List is available. 

Visit  www.knit-a-square.com  Click on “Received Squares”  

Updated Graphs are available HERE

Tuesdays in September were very busy for the volunteers in South Africa.  They unpacked, sorted and bundled 33,993 squares.  Not to mention organizing the beanies, tops and toys.

This means there are 971 new blanket packs ready for the Gogos to sew into blankets.  As you read in the article “Wrap a Child in a Blanket”, people have generously donated to support the Gogos.  This is an ongoing expense for Knit-a-Square but it is one that has always been very important to Ronda.  Sewing the blankets provides the Gogos with a feeling of pride in helping the children in their communities.  As well, the money gives them the opportunity to buy a few basic necessities such as soap and toilet paper, things we take for granted.



by Linda Maltby

Knit Diagonal Square:

A Diagonal is a good way to achieve the 8 inch/20cm size

needed for a Knit-a-Square square.

Knitting diagonals in a half and half pattern will make a bold statement in a blanket.

Variegated yarn also provides interesting patterns.

Made mainly with diagonal squares, this blanket will provide warmth as well as interest for the child.

These diagonals, knit with only 2 colours, create a very striking blanket.

The Diagonal pattern

is found in the

 KAS Pattern Book.



edited this month by Gloria Grandy





MARY &  CAROLA (Mary's Mom) - UK

Mary was welcomed to our Forum in September of 2011.  From then on, she has been warming the children and welcoming others to the world of KAS! 


 To read the rest of the award please click here



  My package of joy!      Sorted in South Africa      Sorted in South Africa      Cuddlebug
We have received an additional 102 Likes on the Facebook page so far during September-October period, taking our total to 10,525 !  
Also you might like to know that the KAS Song Video has now had 4,381 listens - all by different people!

Image result for problem images










Tina Fey

Buhlebemfundo Day Care Centre 2015

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  • I am wondering Pam, just how much the Post Office's electricity bill is?  I am thinking that what might seem a lot to them over there might not be to us and could we help them out?  I know, one more donation asked for.  I'm just saying if it's not a huge amount perhaps we could one time help them?  It's only a thought, toss if not appropriate. :)

    And Ronda, it looked like you could have gone fishing in that pond in your driveway from the broken water main. So glad that's repaired! 

    Thanks for the reminder for slightly smaller hats and that Knit A Square will focus on blankets, hats, toys and handwarmers. I shall work on those mostly then, easier for me to do too. :)  I just found a good lot of 100 plastic yarn needles, free shipping, from China, for only $7 Cdn. so once those arrive you'll get those too, thanks for reminding me.  Sometimes they're not available online but hello, today they were! :D

  • Thank you Pam.  It is lovely to read that Knit-a-Square is helping children in South Africa and in Turkey.  All children deserve to be warm and loved, no matter where they live.

  • Thanks so much for the October Snippet, a lot of new info and the pictures are great. Glad to hear so much money was raised. Keep up your wonderful work.
  • Lovely report, I really look forward to reading KAS snippets each month to catch up on what is happening in SA.  I agree it is a good idea to delegate when possible, there is only so much Ronda and the volunteers can do themselves.

    Lucky for me my favourite things to make are squares and handwarmers, (a little less so hats LOL), so I will concentrate on these for next year.

    Sad to hear that the Post Office is still experiencing difficulties too, hopefully the issues will be resolved soon.

    I am also looking forward to seeing what next years monthly themes will be.

  • The story of the little boy spotting the superman teddy and hugging it as his own made my teeth melt (to coin a Ronda phrase!)  It is a story like this that shows how we have so much, when others and especially millions of children have so little. 

    A wonderful KasSnippets Pam.  There is so much to be grateful for, so much to share and so much to inspire others to help.

    Thank you again everyone for your kind and caring crafting contributions to the Syrian children distribution.  

  • Well done everyone who contributes to the newsletter a good informative read
  • Well done Pam ,such a great read, you really do capturer get best of KAS in this snippet :-)
  • Well done, Pam!  Lots of information and colour!

  • Another great issue, Pam!  Congratulations to our two star fundraisers Helen and Sharon!

  • Thanks so much Pam for all this information.  Wonderful see all the money rolling in for the Gogos.  It is interesting to see that KAS is branching out as others will be helping with the distribution of goods.  Many hands, lighten the load.

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