WELCOME to our March 2024 Theme
Sun, Sea and Surf
What's not to love?  
These pics come courtesy of my son - he just doesn't know it - who is currently travelling around Australia.
What does being at the beach mean for you?
Finding marine life?.....shells?.....sea glass? (A dream of mine is to find a beach that has some),..... gazing at the passing ships/yachts/ boats and wondering where they are headed to?.......and then there's the sun, the sand and the sunburn.....hahaha.
Colour of the Month (CoM) is
So, so many shades of blue....let's see how many we can find.laughing

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    • All of your squares are wonderful, Ada.   The children will be so happy to look at these colorful and charming picture squares.

    • You always make amazing picture squares, Ada. These are superb.

  • The sea is a beautiful theme. Under the sea it' s very colorful. My sister like diving and she see so many colors!

    • A DELIGHTFUL and FUN set of squares, Ada!! All are so cute and colourful. I think my fave is the rainbow fish.....and your lighthouse is stunning!!!

  • 12399705663?profile=RESIZE_584xLots of blue remainders went into this blanket, and it always makes me happy to use up those partial skeins.  So, plenty of CoM, but not so much on the beach/seaside theme.

    This V-stitch pattern is one that Patricia Underwood used a few months ago, and I had to try one.   It works up quite easily, and gives a really nice texture.  Thanks, Patricia!

    • This is a fun blanket.  The colors capture lots of different types of beaches.

    • Another super blanket Sharon 👍

    • Such a pretty blanket, perfect choice of colours

      • It is beachy Sharon and lovely.

    • This is unbelievable - while Sharon was making her rectangular blanket, look what I've been working on. Mine was made with yarn cakes and has a bit more green but they could almost be twins!


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