It's a fact...
Kid's Love to Learn!!
From the moment  they are born, children are constantly learning new things. 
During the month of May let's make squares that will enhance 'our' children's learning journey.
One of the first things children love to learn is their colours
Let's make some PJs in every colour imaginable.
November Theme: Pretty Pastels  2010_11_21_IMG_0069 My first blanket  Jan. Challenge 5-7
Oct 2016 Anything Goes  53 - Gum Drops  MAY 2015 THEME - Five neons
What next you say?
Count Me In  SEPTEMBER CHALLENGE - counting colours  April Theme: Count Me In
April 2016 "Count me in" theme - number 2  September Challenge - Numerals 9 and 10 Feb 15 Theme
 And stripes are great for developing their counting skills
AUGUST 2015 THEME - Mauritius (l) Bolivia (r)  July 2016 Opposites Attract (4)  Februar 2017
10 Anything Goes Diagonals - October 2016 Theme  Earlston Wed. Club 307-312  Over the rainbow - May 2016
or perhaps the alphabet is your thing?
  Letters And Numbers    8-15 Alphabet
Count me in  FEBRUARY 2015 - Think Like a Kid - F is for fish  Thabsile Mkhabela  A is for APPLE blanket
Picture squares are great for promoting language skills and  fuelling children's imagination.
March - Elephant at Sunset  March - Let's Heart it for the Boys - 2 Cars  July Challenge-Flamingo
 Detail....Africa Blanket Pack    On The School Bus  A stowaway.
February theme Africa  September Challenge - Education  2014 September Variegated Challenge Bird on Blue Square  
Lastly, short, everyday words can assist in developing an understanding that putting certain letters together, creates words. ....then they are 'on the road' to reading.  :))
L O V E - September 2013 Challenge  12-2015 Mini Challenge
FEBRUARY 2015 THEME - Think Like a Kid  November Theme 2014  Day and Night  Zebra IronOn
Have fun Everyone.....
and as is our mantra for 2017...
Think Like A Kid!!!
May's PoM (pattern of the month) is PJs (Plain Janes as they are VERY affectionately known)
Here are the links for knit & crochet

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  • 2930367770?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

    FINALLY finished my number squares for May....on to June. :))

    May 2017 Theme - Kids Love To Learn

    • I am seconding that bravo for your persistence in stitching all those tiny appliques. Your placements are just amazing! And all your series of these squares are so delightful.  I can only imagine how the owner will be sharing the learning squares with many other look! see! kiddies. 

      • Thanks Deborah.  :)) I can be quite 'thingy' about symmetry, so in 9& 10 I tried to 'mess it up' a bit. Was ok with 9, not so happy with 10, but by then I was over the  sewing, so left it as it is. :))

    • They are all well worth waiting for Bev:))

       Bravo for all that sewing on of appliques, it takes longer than making the squares!

      • Thanks Chris.  :))  You are sooooo right. It was an experiment worth trying, I guess, but it sure took some time and my fingers were a little like pin

  • Better late than never - finally finished alphabet blanket.


    • Sharon, this blanket is going to provide so much fun for a child. Hide and seek letters, finding their name letters, scrunching up so letters show on top... Even I would have fun with this one. 

    • A beautiful blanket Sharon! Each square is perfect and the colours go so well together, a real treasure for a child:))

      • Wow Sharon that's an amazing blanket.
        • FANTASTIC blanket, Sharon!!! Great colours for boys (or girls) and a great learning tool, all wrapped up with love and warmth......a beauty.  :)) Good on ya' !!

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