Welcome Everyone to the May theme.  :))

This month, let's share our love of music, our love for 'our' children...and have a fun time doing it!!
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Squares for this month might include appliques, intarsia, duplicate stitch of.....Djembe or other drums, other African musical instruments, piano keys, guitars, trumpets, musical notes, etc.  
I have created a couple of charts for African instruments, which I am happy to share and there are numerous charts online for trumpets, guitars, drums, etc.
However, this may not be everyone's 'cup of tea', so........
how about this......
Pattern of the month (PoM) for May is PJs. 
PJs (Plain Janes, as we affectionately call them) are garter stitch or single crochet stitch squares....but they can also be textured squares created in a single colour. They are always in demand as they form the 'backbone' of each and every blanket. Almost every blanket created by the volunteers and Gogos in South Africa has mainly PJs with just a few picture squares or stripes in them, so the importance of PJs to a blanket, can NEVER be underestimated.  :))
This month for a little fun, it would be great if, when you post a pic of your PJ or your picture square, you could tell us, or post a link, of a song that has your colour or your instrument in it.
For example.....
MAY 2015 THEME - Shades of yellow
So, let's have fun making squares that feature instruments and/or PJs with colour!! Bring on those tunes, Everyone....there's plenty out there.....
And for a little extra......
Every time you post a pic of a square/squares with the name or link of a song,  your name will go into a draw for a little 'shopping trip' in the KASshop. There will be three 'trips' up for grabs. So please, get knitting, crocheting and looming....and let's make beautiful music together.
“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” ― Plato 

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  • I'm finally finishing May theme. A pillow guitar, 20 inches long by 1 1/4 thick, and 6 inches widest part. 

    I am so hoping the music theme will be repeated next year. The squares of music notes and black and white are so striking. ... next year I'll try bells... 


    • Your pillow guitar is AWESOME, Deborah!!! I so love it to bits.  :)) You're one clever chick!

  • I made these squares mid May but have only been able to sew the appliques on yesterday. I wrenched my shoulder quite badly and haven't been able to crochet or sew anything until now, but it's much better although I can't do it for long.

    I have loved this theme, Bev, and hope we can have it again next year. Your idea of adding everyone's music choice was inspired.


    • Perfect Marion, you have certainly hit the ‘right note’ with these super squares :))

      Sorry to hear about your shoulder, please take care of yourself x

    • Whoop!    These are fabulous, very crisp and clear looking knitting.    Gosh your injury sounds like a pain....!

      • Glad to hear you are on the mend, Marion....that sounds like no fun AT ALL!

        Totally agree with Karen...these squares are PERFECT!! Love the notes on the white background with a black border....and soooo neat.  :))

        Take it easy with your shoulder....you don't want to prolong the discomfort.  xo

  • Piano Pillow  (13”x6”x 1½”)

    Piano lessons may have been easier than color changes? I used a potion of an online pattern for a piano scarf that had great tip for knotting and cutting the carry along yarn end.  

    And Chef Cisse, an action figure. 

    Chef Cisse is from Dakar, Senegal. He is a famous chef with restaurants in Harlem, New York. He uses African spices and French techniques to make really unique dishes of food. 

    2762101535?profile=RESIZE_710x2762122171?profile=RESIZE_710x2761928808?profile=RESIZE_710x2761946885?profile=RESIZE_710x2761937389?profile=RESIZE_710xI'm sorry, I tried everything to get the photos right side up but no success. 

    • Your crafting is fab, especially the piano keys - very clever idea!   I'm baffled by the pics being posted sideways too, sorry!

    • Delightful work, Deborah as always. You and your creations were missed. Thanks.

      • Wow, Deborah!! They are AWESOME!!

        Thank you for the info re Chef Cisse, too. His restaurant sounds very good.

        I'm sorry that I cannot offer any advice re your sideways pics.

This reply was deleted.