From Egypt12437660453?profile=RESIZE_584x

To Victoria Falls


Africa has many incredible destinations to visit.

There are such amazing and unique animals,

From Lions


to Elephants


Or Penguins


Maybe an Ostrich

12437664052?profile=RESIZE_400xAnd for sure the Giraffes


AFRICA has so many things for the children to explore and enjoy.

This month let us celebrate all that is Africa and embrace the colors of the South African Flag.


The Colors of the Month are Yellow and Gold.

We cannot wait to see your creations...


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    • This little song came into my head immediately. Isn't it amazing what the brain dredges up! Anyone else remember The Herbs?

      • My husband knew who this was from the other side of the room as soon as I played the clip - had to replay it so he could see it too.  Th U xx

        • Yay - at last a reference that isn't before your time, Karen, or at least your husband's!

    • Fun and happy squares, Bev, and the lively green background reinforces that, too.    

      And, oh, those cameras and their quirks!  Still the squares are wonderful, no matter what the camera tries to do.

    • 2 fun squares Bev 👍

      • Oh dear, now it's my turn to say I've never heard of this.....hubby neither. Perhaps it never reached our shores. Very cute, Parsley lion, nonetheless. laughing

        • Didn't make it here, either, Bev, or maybe I'm just too old???  Either is a good possibility, but the Parsley Lion is a cutie.

        • I suppose it does seem particularly British, Bev.

  • Here's a big giraffe.  I hope s/he will be good friends to a small child.


    • Superb blanket, absolutely love it

This reply was deleted.