From Egypt12437660453?profile=RESIZE_584x

To Victoria Falls


Africa has many incredible destinations to visit.

There are such amazing and unique animals,

From Lions


to Elephants


Or Penguins


Maybe an Ostrich

12437664052?profile=RESIZE_400xAnd for sure the Giraffes


AFRICA has so many things for the children to explore and enjoy.

This month let us celebrate all that is Africa and embrace the colors of the South African Flag.


The Colors of the Month are Yellow and Gold.

We cannot wait to see your creations...


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  • Friday Fun Facts...

    Highest Peaks in Africa

    Kibo in Tanzinia and part of the Kilimanjaro Mountain Range 5895 m/19,341 feet

    12608363054?profile=RESIZE_400xMount Kenya in Kenya, part of the Mount Kenya range 5199 m/17,057 ft

    Mawenzi in Tanzinia and part of the Kilimanjaro Mountain range 5148 m/16,890 ft

    Margherita Peak/Mt. Stanley in DR Congo and Uganda and part of the Rwenzori range 5109 m/ 16,762 ft



    Lowest Points in Africa

    Lake Assal in Djibouti, 155 m/509 feet below Sea Level



    Qattara Depression in Egypt  131 m/436 ft below Sea Level

    Danakil Depression in Ethiopia  125 m/410 ft below Sea Level

    12609041853?profile=RESIZE_400xThe Danakil Depression is one of the hottest, lowest, and driest places on the planet. In the northernmost pocket of Ethiopia, it is home to salt lakes, lava lakes, volcanoes and neon acid springs.

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    A bit of counting with African animals. The giraffe and elephant appliques were very kindly donated to me by a lady that I buy appliques from, so thought this was a good way to use them.

    • More fun appliqués Bev 👍

    • Fabulous shade of blue plus cute appliques

    • Terrific Bev, your colour choice is great and the donated appliques from your regular store is testiment to your previous purchase history, love it ♥️

    • You must be a very valued customer, Bev! Super squares/rectangles.

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