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One of my other favourite things are picture squares, with either appliques or stitching.
April 2020 Theme - A Night at the Circus  LeoLion  July 2022 Theme - Things that Move
Please join in this month and show your KAS friends YOUR favourites.
Colour of the month is:
Some might say brown is pretty boring, but when I think brown, I think chocolate, chocolate cake, fudge, salted caramel, cinnamon, gingernut biscuits, gingerbread......and brown just doesn't seem so boring anymore.
Dig deep (in your stash) and find YOUR inner brown.  :))

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  • November 2022 Theme - Favourites

    My last six CoM squares started on Nov 29.
    Once again in Paintbox Aran, and this colour was called Coffee Bean. I look back on the three different browns I knitted this month and they all look very close in colour, according to my camera. :(
    The top three are from the 35 Squares Free Pattern Book in the KASshop. I think it was called 'Columns'.

    In case you wondered how come I didn't do six in all the same pattern, as I did in the previous two sets......I would still have been knitting....hahaha. It seems my powers of concentration with a pattern, while watching tv, is at zero.

    • Delicious!!    Love this colour.    The squares exude quality Bev ✔️✔️

    • This is a lovely warm looking shade, Bev. I have a latte by my side as I type but there's too much froth to check the colour of the actual coffee! 

      I think we all have times to concentrate and times to be on automatic pilot.

  • Bev, as always you have been a super host and you’ve made some so many lovely squares……10896460459?profile=RESIZE_710x

  • 10895260685?profile=RESIZE_710xA basketweave blanket knit in one piece from end to end.    It is double strand using the last on a very plain fawny brown and a bonny variegated mix.   Bordered by my good friend Bev P again.   No 56.

    • Another lovely blanket Karen, where did you buy your supersonic knitting needles? :)

    • Beautiful blanket and I like the fawny brown mixed with the variegated. I like working with double strands it's so effective.

      • Th U Claire.   I find 2 strands great for using up hoards of dull or awkward colours I've overlooked as a bit boring (on their own) for ages.   More to follow as I cull my stash....

        • Who knew brown could look SOOOO pretty??!!

          I LOVE your blanket, Karen.

    • So much basketweave this month. Gorgeous blanket, Karen.

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