This month the Square Heart Award

goes to

Three Close Friends

Kathy P., Kathy C. and Marian


These three wonderful ladies are friends and neighbors(they live in the same close, wink, wink!) from Loughborough, England. They have been sharing their friendship and talent with KAS since 2011.


Working as a team, they send

squares, hats, jumpers, toys, mittens, slip-ins and more!




Marian is the Creator of absolutely adorable cuddly toys.


Kathy C. makes lovely vests, hats squares and more like this lovely, chunky Grace's Vest.


Kathy P. makes stunning jackets like this one.



And, she is the creator of this month's patttern of the month

the Kozy Jumper.

This is a new "jazzy" version!


Together, these three wonderful women send warmth, beauty and joy to the children of South Africa.


Thank you so very much Kathy, Kathy and Marian!


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  • Very well deserved indeed!  The love you have for the children beams out of every toy and garment you make for them---thank you so much!  Love that new snazzy jumper pattern too.  High fives!

  • Congratulations on the award, you all contribute such beautiful work :)

  • Congratulations to the three Grazie!  How wonderful to live close together, to share such a common interest and to produce such beautiful work.  BRAVO!! 

  • Congratulations, ladies!!  You are a very inspiring threesome.  I always love seeing photos of your latest creations and I'm so happy to be a member of KAS with wonderfully giving women like yourselves!

    • Yaaaay!!! Kathy, Kathy and Marian. Thank you so much for that fabulous work you all do, and congratulations!

  • A hearty and heartfelt congratulations to three wonderful ladies. Marian your toys are simply gorgeous, such wonderful detail in each one. Kathy and Kathy your body of work is just brilliant....your own patterns and patterns you 'tweak' and your amazingly beautiful colour combinations have certainly been inspiring to me.  :))  xxx

  • All three of you well done beautiful work ,kids will Adore them..
  • Congratulations ladies - very well deserved! I love seeing your work and you never fail to encourage others. x

  • Many congratulations Kathy, Kathy and Marian with this well deserved award! xoxo

  • Brilliant and well done and congratulations!

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