(Pam) Jeanne Haessler
1951 - 2022

Written by Gloria Grandy

Another precious KASvoice from our Square Circle Forum has gone quiet.

The voice of our KASsister Jeanne Haessler was, as many of us know, an uplifting, positive and immensely funny voice. The sound of her laughter will be missed - even though some of us can only imagine that sound.

I feel privileged to be someone who heard it in person during my visits with her in her hometown of Dryden, Ontario, Canada. Jeanne truly was a treasure!

Jeanne was a valued and much-loved contributor to KAS - her crocheted work, her positive interaction with us on the Forum and her prayers for KAS and "our" children – doing her best from her little corner of the world. We could always count on Jeanne to offer encouagement to her KASfriends, share a little humor now and then and generally bring a ray of sunshine to our Square Circle Forum.

At one time, Jeanne hosted a theme where she would endeavor to keep us all in stitches - the giggling and laughing kind, not the knitting and crocheting kind - and she always succeeded. A trip back through some of those discussions will put a smile on your face, I'm sure.

Our Jeanne had such a great love for the children. She cared a great deal about our volunteers at the Barn. She shared loving comments throughout distribution photos and discussions from the barn, forever wishing she could do more.

If the good wishes, love and prayers Jeanne continually sent could warm and comfort the children, there would not be a cold or lonely child in all of South Africa - or, indeed, the whole world.

Thank you, Jeanne, for all your good work. May your family and all your loved ones find comfort in remembering the happiness you brought to their lives and, through KAS, the lives of many dear children.

When asked, Why do you want to contribute to KAS?
Jeanne answered with this:

"I want to make a difference in the world, to give people hope, to let them know we care, that they're important, and use my talents doing so."

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  • Dear All,

    A kind request fom the Barn: When you send off squares for Jeanne's Memory blanket could you please mark them separately as follows: "Square(s) for Jeanne's Memory Blanket for Estelle Mcleod". Estelle will keep the squares apart from other squares to be able to make a blanket (or even more than one). thank you all so much for your attention.

    • What a lovely tribute Gloria. I have also seen Jeanne’s name pop up many times but have never had the pleasure of opening one of her parcels. Condolences to her family.
      This is the first time I’ve been on this thread and am delighted to see the photos of the squares you have made for her memory blanket. I’ve taken a screen shot of them and will ask the volunteers to look out for them and a parcel from her daughter. The best way of bringing them to everyone’s attention is to send them just as Diane mentioned, in a small ziplock bag with my name and for Jeanne’s Memory Blanket. 
      As you all know our postal service has been a disaster lately so hopefully none of those squares have  gone through the system yet. I have received Patricia’s. 

  • I made two matching squares in the African Flower Pattern for the memorial blanket.10839672691?profile=RESIZE_710x

    • Beautiful!

    • My snowflake is looking forward to meeting your flowers, Sharon!

  • I've made this snowflake square for Jeanne because I remember some photos she posted a while back showing how deep the snow got where she lived.


    • Very pretty, I love the snowflake on the beautiful blue.

    • That is a wonderful idea, Patricia, and a wonderful square.

  • Hi all,

    Jeanne's favourite colour was royal blue / sapphire blue.

    Lisa is wondering what she can put on the package to let Ronda know to put it aside.

    • Thanks for getting this information for us.   I just happened to be in a store that sold yarn today, so picked up a skein marked "Royal Blue".  Squares for a memory blanket should be ready soon.

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