We all remember in colour but a lot of the time we don't realise it.    We only tend to notice colour in our memories when it is particularly striking.   

Some examples of this theory may be: .....the colour of your first winter coat as a child, ....the colour of the first car you ever bought, ....the colour you chose to paint your front door,....the colourful flowers in a wedding bouquet,...or the colour lipstick your Mother always wore.

   Charities are synonymous with colour too - a pink ribbon for breast cancer, the yellow daffodil for Marie Curie, or the red poppy for Remembrance and Hope for our Armed Forces to name just a few.    It could be that a charity has a poignant meaning to you which you would like to express.

What is your favourite colour....and why?

Which colours make you feel happy, relaxed, emotional or excited?

Where is your happy place, and what colour do you associate with the calm you find there?

Alternatively you could take a look through your stash and see which colour grabs attention and makes you think of a certain object, person, place, item of food etc.   

I'd love to invite you to express yourself in colour in your crafting, and tell us a little about why, when, who or what this colour means to you personally.........

Please note too that the Colour of the Month for September is Grey

8" squares, hats, handwarmers, blankets and hand-hold size toys are all encouraged to make and send to our needy children in South Africa.

Happy Crafting!

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  • Finished sewing my ends in at last, Karen! A 16” square of a pink and white Gerbera daisy.

    I’ve always loved daisies. When my sisters and I were young we would often make daisy chains for necklaces or for our hair when we played at the local park- a fond memory.  Maybe that’s why Marguerites and Gerbera Daisies are some of my favourite flowers.


    • I've mentioned before that my daughter's name is Daisy, so obviously I love your square, Marion!

      • Such, a BEAUTY, Marion!!

        I LOVE Gerbras, they have so many pretty colours, especially the hot pink ones.  :))

        What a lovely name for your daughter, Patricia.

    • Absolutely gorgeous Marion!

    • Thank you so much for this floral beauty.   It will truly make a child feel very happy when sewn in a blanket X

  • 9648871476?profile=RESIZE_710x

    I've really enjoyed your creative makes and being *host* too!    K x

    • You are sweet to say so.

      Loving this image!!

  • Better late than never.

    This was a new pattern for me with lots of texture.  I have done a few of them, but this one is the COM

    I love a great lighting storm and grey clouds.  This sort of covers both.


    • Thank you very much for this Amy.   It's very unusual - and you're so clever!

      • LOVE your square, Amy...both pattern and colour are FAB!!

        I do not love lightning or thunder.  :((

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